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Remember, once upon a time, when I told you all that Jeff and I were working on finishing our basement?…
…and I gave you all hints and sneak peaks of our neverwillbecompletebecauseiamocd playroom!!
I am happy to report that the playroom is CLOSER to completion,
{like a couple things to hang and a few things to paint closer}
 and even though it isn’t quite where I want it to be…I HAD to show you my most recent project that I completed.
All with the help of CUTTING EDGE STENCILS!
When I first thought of my ‘theme’ for my playroom, I came to the conclusion that I didn’t really want one!
I just wanted each little piece and paint job to compliment each other!
I knew from the very beginning, even before putting the base paint on the walls, that I wanted to use the LARGE POLKA DOT stencil from Cutting Edge.
I wanted to stencil the floor!!
I fought hard and long and strong…
but in the end,
I didn’t win that battle.
The hubs just wouldn’t let me paint the wood floor.
{insert dramatic sigh}
I digress,
all is well in paradise, don’t you worry.
In fact, I can’t help but totally agree with him now!
The ceiling was a much better choice…
…but it was WAY more difficult.
Like, back arching, arm straining, paint in eyes and hair and crevasses difficult.
  I don’t think I could have done this stencil on my own.
Simply because you need to line it up in 2 different places with previous painted dots.
Because of that, it makes things much easier if you get yourself an extra set of hands!
Trust me, all that work was worth it!
  When I had originally picked out colors for the playroom I had something totally different in mind.
But, I was dead set on painting my floor so I needed to use paint that would outlast all the wear it would eventually have on it.
The cheapest option for long lasting, durable paint is RUST-OLEUM and they don’t have many paint color options in that brand.
After standing in Home Depot for what seemed like hours and going through 2 packs of gum to calm the gremlins that were trying to escape the confides of the cart, I decided to take it back to the simple primary colors.
{Yes, it took me that long to pick green, yellow and red}
{I’m just so indecisive sometimes}
We learned previously that the floor didn’t happen and since I already had the color, I was determined to get painting.
After clearing the room, getting a very LARGE diet coke, turning up Pandora and exiling my children to the backyard…we got busy!
You want to start in the furthest corner away from the entrance and slowly move your way forward after each line is complete.
This way you have more room to work with your stencil and you get the hiccups and mistakes done at the beginning.
{imagine that dude that does all the voice-overs for the infomercials while you’re reading this part K?!}
Does this seem WAY too hard for you or WAY too much work?
Well, I have the solution for you!!!
These great stencils can even be used on furniture and frames!!!
When I originally made this frame, I used an old stencil I had used in my laundry room…
But then Cutting Edge Stencils came out with their Chevron Stencil and I HAD to use it somewhere in my house!
So I sanded the frames down and repainted them, then stenciled them all over again!
Adding an easy touch of modern to your decor.
Anyone could do this!
I believe in you!
Trust your inner Martha!
Not the convict part, the creative part!
It is important to ONLY use a small FOAM roller!
{they sell them on their website}
This made it almost impossible for the paint to bleed.
You just have to make sure that you only have a little paint on your roller and you press gently.
The paint washes right off of the stencil.
We washed the stencil off with hot water after every 2 rows.
The paint starts to get thick around the sides, resulting in the paint bleeding a bit past the stencil if you don’t wash it off.
 You just keep going
and going
and going
Each stencil from Cutting Edge is great because they add extra stencil holes to specifically help you line it up with the preciously painted stencil, making it easy to keep straight.
After you are done, you can let the stencil hang dry.
The paint just peels off when dry and they store perfectly, so you can use them again and again!!
Although it was hard work…
The wall behind is just chalkboard paint and I free handed the writing with chalk!
{more about that and the rest of the playroom coming in future posts…so stay tuned}
Reagan calls the dots ‘coconuts’
…I have no idea where she came up with that but I love it!
I would have NEVER been able to accomplish my dream of a perfect polka dot ceiling without the sturdy, easy to use stencil from CUTTING EDGE STENCILS!
They made an impossible project possible!!
Because I love them so much…
…I want to share the love with you all!!!
Check out the Rafflecopter widget below to enter for your chance to win a $50 credit to any stencil of your choice from Cutting Edge Stencil.com!!!
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