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A year ago last February I started working as a Labor and Delivery nurse again!
Although I am so blessed to have a job somewhere that allows me to work at night while my kids are asleep…I still have to leave them with someone for 6 hours while I sleep during the day after my shift…and I would NEVER be able to do that if I didn’t have someone who was like a SISTER TO ME and who I trusted with ALL MY HEART!
I was looking through older posts last night I came across THIS POST!
It made me emotional and so beyond appreciative to look back on this last year and see the love my dear friend {Holly} and her family has for my family and most especially my children.
I honestly wouldn’t be working if I didn’t have her!
She is so wonderful to watch my children for those hours in the day so this mom can rest with a peace of mind!
Naturally I had to bake her a cake to celebrate our 1 YEAR CELEBRATION of beingaspectacularfriendandwatchingmykidsandtreatingthemlikeyoursurrogates!!
It turned out so cute that I just HAD to share how I did it with you!
You can use a box or whatever recipe your heart desires…but I have a CAKE TUTORIAL OVER HERE that you can refer to!
I am a buttercream kinda girl THROUGH and THROUGH!
I am pretty picky with it though…it has to taste JUST RIGHT!
I usually start with 2 cubes of butter and a large bag of powdered sugar then I add milk and vanilla to taste!
{I end up using about 1/3 cup of milk and 2 tsp of vanilla}
You can use your creative powers and add what your heart desires!
Frost your first layer of frosting then place in fridge for a few hours…
then make another batch of frosting and sculpt your cake!
Beat the living DAYLIGHTS outta that frosting so it’s super thick and hard!
The thicker the BETTER to frost with!
All I use to frost my cake is a butter knife! 
 Get yourself 2 pounds of strawberries
and decorate that cake using those creative juices again!
 Now that your cake is PERFECTION you have one more finishing touch to make!
you will need
string {of your choice}
skewer sticks
step 1: print off the saying you want {mine says “THANK YOU BERRY MUCH”} with your specific font {I used American Typewriter} oh and {I made my letter size 36}
*remember to space them far apart
step 2: cut them out individually and fold the paper just above the letter
step 3: fold the paper down the middle {in the center of the letter}
step 4: place the creased paper in between your scissors right below your letter and angle your scissors downward.
{cut each letter this way}
this will give each letter the ‘bunting’ look!
step 5: arrange your letters in order leaving a small space between the letter and about an inch between each word
step 6: place glue on inside of folded paper {like shown below}
step 7: place your string right in the crease of your paper and press each letter down individually
 step 8: place your banners in the middle of your 2 skewer sticks approximately where you want them to sit once the banner is done…then give yourself a little more string on each end since it will be pulled tighter once you wrap it around the stick
step 9: wrap your string around the stick 3 times and tie in a knot
step 10: after your done tying, push your banners to the top of your sticks so there is only 1/4 inch space between the top of the stick and your banner
step 11: pierce your cake with the sharp sides of the skewers where you think it will look best

I am sure there are MANY ways to do this banner all of which include printables and washi tape but this tutorial leaves you the freedom to throw this banner together in 30 minutes or less at 8:30 at night when you don’t have any supplies in your home!

 Maybe I’ll show up to your home next!!!
 {and if you are really lucky…I’ll be in my workout clothes still!}
Because I am sure you can think of someone in your life to thank for being just so flippin’ awesome!
{psst…if you make a cake for your husband…you get to have a piece…just sayin’}
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