About Simply Sadie Jane

Hey guys. I’m Sadie Jane. This ABOUT ME page is suppose to be all about me and this blog, but I dare to start looking at this blog from 2010 on…then you will really get to know me!
just kidding,
don’t do that.
Instead let me keep it short and sweet.


What started as a family blog soon became a place where I write.
About me.
My family.
My fitness journey.
My sugar addiction.
My obsession with textiles.
My love affair I have with my children’s cheeks.
My random clothing I decide to wear.
My infatuation with life and living.
My passion for my Savior.
My drive to explore.
My affection for my farm boy hunk of burning love.


Pretty much just random pieces of my life in my little space of virtual reality.


Enjoy, new friends of mine.

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