As many of you know, I am a member of the LDS church or a “mormon” for those that know that term a bit better. I love and live the gospel daily and we believe in serving and worshiping Christ everyday and in every way. Like other Christians, we believe in celebrating the birth of our Savior this holiday season. This year, MORMON.ORG has released a very special initiative where we are encouraged to share our light by serving others the way the Savior did. Today being December 1st, was the very first day of this special movement and it happens to be the worldwide day of service! It’s the start of 25 different ways to serve others in 25 days.


I really wanted to start this daily dose of service with my kids, so I thought of something that I had done as a young woman many years ago. Handing out roses to strangers all around town.

By sharing the light and love that we have, we hoped that it would help people feel light and love as well and hopefully lift their burdens, even if it’s just a little.

I recorded this mornings adventures and not only felt filled with the spirit of giving and love, but I was also moved to see how much it is needed in this community and around the world.

I hope you watch the VLOG below and feel moved to serve as well!!
Here is a link to the FULL 25 days ADVENT CALENDER.

And I hope ALL my followers of all faiths and walks of life feel welcome to join me in this beautiful movement to #LIGHTtheWORLD

OH, and after watching my VLOG, come back here and watch the video below! It’s a beautiful representation of what this movement is all about!


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  • Tasha Lopez

    Watching Sadie and her cute kids pass out flowers made me so emotional. I don’t know exactly why, ha! I’m not Mormon but I am Christian and her love for God and serving others moved me in a profound way. I sent Sadie an embarrassing snapchat of myself crying and thanking her for her amazing example to me. What a beautiful memory she and her children will share. My son and I will be joining in on Christmas giving. Thank you, Sadie. God bless.

  • Debbie Savage

    Thank you so much for sharing this! It was so inspiring and I love our Gospel so much! You have a beautiful family and just sweet adorable children!
    xo Debbie |

  • Rachel Stoneman

    Thank you so much for sharing, i had tears in my eyes watching this video. I am not Mormon, but was very touched by the video. How kind and thoughtful, and what an amazing gesture, I am sure you made people’s day. I hope you and your family enjoy the season..


    Your kids are adorable! I love that they’re learning to serve others at such a young age.

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