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So, here’s the deal. Jeff turns 30, June 17th, so we thought we would take a little adventure with our dear friends Mike and Amanda to celebrate. Mike turns 40 this year also, which pretty much calls for the perfect excuse to run away to Belize.

Why BELIZE, you ask? It’s simple. NO ZIKA VIRUS. Literally the only place in South or Central America that wasn’t discouraged by the CDC to travel to, and since we are trying to stay away from that…we figured the universe was leading us to Belize!

I traveled a lot with my family growing up but I have never planned and organized my own little escapade. Thanks to Mike for taking the wheel on the travel plans. Literally all I had to contribute was the fact that I wanted something mostly adventurous and something a bit relaxing. Dudes, he nailed it.

Literally the most magical trip I have ever been on.

So, let’s recap it all shall we?

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We flew into LAX and had a 5 hour layover! SO, while we waited for Mike and Amanda to join us, we decided to find an empty spot in the international airport and bust out a great couples workout. If you want to check it out #highlyreccomended just head over to MY INSTAGRAM and look up the hashtag #ssjtravels and #ssjanefitness | I dare you to bust it out the next time you find yourself chillin’ at the airport.

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This meal. #Godblessit but really. This was the first meal we ate in Belize. Straight from the side of the street. Across from the airport. Under a big blue tarp. It was delicious and I survived. Really, all the food was delicious and my stomach handled it perfectly. Thank you Jesus for taking the wheel. Processed with VSCO with a5 preset

Once we flew into Belize City we took a 3 hour shuttle to San Ignacio. We took a red eye flight and thought we would want to hang out at the hotel the first day. Keep it really chill, but that lasted for many 3 minutes.

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Just down from our hotel, we found an amazing Mayan Ruin to explore. The Cahal Pech Mayan Ruin.

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We made friends with a tour guide who took us to the Xunantunich Mayan Ruin just 10 miles down the road. I left my video camera in the hotel the first day so I don’t have any footage of the magic behind the ruins, but the pictures give you a little taste of how awesome they were.

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We thought the ruins were magical…and then the second day happened.

Adventuring, climbing, swimming, diving, exploring through ancient caves with skulls and broken pots. Smoke left on the ceiling from thousands of years ago and glittering walls as tall as skyscrapers blinding us from their beauty. We weren’t allowed to take a camera into the first cave but trust me when I tell you, YOU MUST go there someday. It was a spiritual adventure. For those interested, it’s call the ATM (Actun Tunichil Muknal) Cave!

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We couldn’t get over how much we loved the caving so we booked ourselves another caving adventure. This time with some old school Inner Tubes and our own tour guide. The cave tubing can be so busy with all the cruise ship tourists but we told our guide we wanted it to be just be the 4 of us and we wanted ADVENTURE. He took us into another magical caving land.




Watch the video to get a little taste!

While in San Ignacio, we took a day to explore the city.

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Culottes: SHOP & APPAREL

Fanny Pack: NENA & CO

Shoes: FOREVER 21



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IMG_2760  IMG_2761


Kimono: FOREVER 21

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We then took a shuttle to the BEACH!!!

To Hopkins, Belize, where we stayed at the Almond Beach Resort!

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 IMG_2757 IMG_2756 IMG_2753



Sunglasses: RAYBAN

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Swimsuit: CARBON 38

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Swimsuit: designed for THE PAK PAK

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While we were in Hopkins we enjoyed the sand, sun, and sea. We kayaked down to a dock that was completely desolate. It was so beautiful, peaceful, and perfect.

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We literally spent 4 hours trying out different yoga poses with our husbands and I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so hard in my life. If only you could have seen what it took for us to get into these!


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My swimsuit is from Target. Just FYI.

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On the top of the food list was FOR SURE the LOVE ON THE ROCKS. A quaint little restaurant nestled right on the beach where we cooked our own food on this hot flat stones. So delicious.

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Check out the rest of our travels on my travel vlog below


Oh, and we had a tub on our balcony. NBD.

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Nails chipped, bruised legs, and sore bodies. Easily the best signs of an incredible vacation!

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We really didn’t want to leave!

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If not linked above…shop all the items from my trip here

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It was a vacation of a lifetime and Jeff’s very first time out of the country! We couldn’t have picked a better couple to adventure with. Mike and Amanda, we sure love you!

Jeff kept a little journal throughout our trip and I thought it was so great! I am going to place the entries below so when we come back to this post in 10 years, we have his thoughts too!

Thanks Belize for stealing our hearts!



Build to own, not to owe -John tour guide
Seven Dollars (Say-One-Dollar) man at grocery store.
Xunanutunich (shoe-not-an-ich)
Your dreams only work if you do – side of school building near village by Xunanutunich
“I love dog and cat videos” – Michael Hill
We left the kids with my mom and she dropped us off at the SLC airport. We flew out at 5:30pm and went to Los Angeles. We waited there for Amanda and Mike Hill and flew to Belize at 12:30am. We landed in Belize at 6:30 and had about 2 hours until our shuttle arrived. We found a street vendor that was selling breakfast so Mike and I got breakfast for us. We had beans, hard boiled eggs, ham, and tortilla-scone.
We got to San Ignacio and went to our hotel around 9am. We’re staying at the Cahal Pech resort. We went swimming for a little bit in the pool. After swimming we went to the Cahal Pech ruin site next to the hotel and went for a tour with our guide, John. He took us through the ruins and then drove us over to the Xunanutunich ruin where we walked around. John then took us to Benny’s restaurant for lunch. We got back to the resort and played card games around the pool and went to bed early at 8:30pm.
We scheduled to go on the ATM cave tour and had a blast. We got to the cave site around 10am and walked for about 45 mins to the cane opening. We had to swim and climb in the cave. At the end we saw old broken clay pots that were used for sacrificing and we saw a few skeletons from human sacrifice.
After the tour we went into downtown for dinner and ended up going to Han-Nah’s for dinner. Went back to the resort and played card games and hung out.
We slept in and had couples massages. This was my first time and it was great. After massages we went into town to finalize our cave tubbing tour. We had lunch at Moms Backyard. We then went through the farmers market and finally got some ice cream at the Western Dairy. Went back to the resort and cooled off in the pool. I ended up blowing my eardrum while playing in the pool.
For dinner we hitched a ride with the owner of the resort and went into town at a restaurant owned by some LDS members. We had a great time talked to them about the church. After dinner we walked back to the resort and we went into a pharmacy where I got some antibiotics and 800mg ibuprofen.
We went cave tubbing where we floated on Inner Tubes through several caves. We stopped in one cave where we walked through the cave and ended up jumping back into the water and free swimming back to the Inner Tubes. We went back to Belmopan where we waited at a gas station for our shuttle.
We woke up in Almond Beach, Hopkins and went right out to the cabana/dock to do yoga. After that we had breakfast in the lobby. Their food is amazing. After breakfast we took the paddle boards and kayak to a cabana/dock further down the beach where we played around the dock on the paddle boards. We then road bicycles into Hopkins for lunch where we had authentic Rice and Beans. The rice and beans with stew chicken is the staple meal here and it’s OK but not amazing. Just simple rice with black beans. After lunch the girls went back to the resort while Mike and I road around the rest of the village and ended up eating ice cream on the side walk in front of Happy’s Supermarket. We went back to the resort and met up with the girls on the beach and swam in the pool and hung out.
We did yoga and swimming at the cabana/dock again. We went into Hopkins on a golf cart and had lunch and bought some souvenirs. After lunch we went back to the cabana and did acroyoga together. I ended up getting stung twice by jelly fish when we were finishing up. For dinner we went to Love on the Rocks where they give you your plate with a lava stone that is 700 degrees and you cook you meat on it. It was amazing.
This was our last day and we went swimming first thing and packed up. We left around 11:15 and went straight to the airport. Our driver was so slow and I thought we’d miss our flight. We ended up getting on our flight and now we’re headed back home.
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  • corrine

    This looked so fun Sadie! Made me miss you!! 🙂

  • Heidi

    I’ve been waiting for this post! Now I have fallen in love with Belize and haven’t even been there! Definitely on my bucket list now! Your trip looked absolutely amazing, relaxing and full of love and adventure!
    xo Heidi

  • Elyse

    Looks like an absolutely magical trip! I’ll have to add it to my travel some day list!

  • Faith

    It looks like you guys had so much fun! We went to Belize last year and loved it too! Your post makes me want to go back and try the fun stuff you did! Amazing pictures! You guys totally nailed all of those poses by the way;)

  • Zarsha R-T

    Hey Sadie Jane,
    Just a correction, Belize is not in South America, we are in Central America.
    I am a Belizean and I am happy you enjoyed your trip.
    Maybe, if there is a next time, come teach us Belizean couples some yoga positions for couples. That would be nice.

    • sadie

      OH YES! Thanks girl!! I was just stating that ZIKA virus was in both central and south America! I would LOVE to teach you all some yoga! Do you live in Belize now??

      • Zarsha R-T

        Yeah unfortunately Belize has at least 2 confirmed cases of Zika. Yes, I am still living in Belize.

  • Charlie

    Great post of some lesser travelled parts of Belize. Thank you!

  • S

    That looks like so much fun!

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