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Ready for Summer? – fitness – video of the week


I know, I’m not sure I am either but GUESS WHAT!? I can help you get there with my YOUTUBE videos of all my workouts from the comfort of my home. Although, these workouts will definitely push you OUT of your comfort zone! SO, let’s get sweaty together and work those shoulders and abs so they can be toned and ready for those swimsuits.

If you can’t do a handstand, NEVER FEAR. There is a scaled version for you as well!

If you don’t have time to bust out a workout right now, just PIN the image above and save it for LATER.

I dare you to do this today and start your weekend off right!


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  • Style Squared Clothing

    Love these home workout videos! Also love your workout style! For adorable athletic clothes check out !!

  • Arami

    Hola Sadie. I love your Insta account as well as your blog. You are a true inspiration! I am also a mama like you. I have three beautiful wild children (3,6,8), thus I love when you give us mamas ideas as how to implement exercises in our home settings. I practice yoga and like to run too. My question to you.. Aside from eating healthy, do you take any supplements (proteins shakes, vitamins,etc.). I am not sure if I should. Any suggestions will be greeted appreciated! Blessings!!

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