My coolsculpting reivew…

I was trying to think of some kind of cool title for this post but decided instead to keep it simple and sweet. This last October I wrote a post all about Coolsculpting and why I felt like it was the perfect solution for me and a few of my trouble areas on my body. Before you continue and read this review PLEASE READ THIS POST BEFORE, so you can understand not only my take on it, but also the science behind it!

It’s been a few months since I had coolsculpting done at the office of Doctor Marion and the pictures below are the before and after pictures. The after pictures were taken 6 weeks after the 2nd procedure. I had 2 procedures done on each area.

I don’t say this lightly when I say this procedure changed my body for the better. AND not only that, but my self esteem. If you read the previous post you already know this but, I’ve always been self conscious about my tricep area on my arm. To the point that I wouldn’t wear short sleeve shirts, like ever. Some people are self conscious about their nose, or teeth, but I struggled with my arms. Strict dieting and working out helped me transform my body and lose 80 pounds, but even after all of that I couldn’t seem to lose that excess fat on my triceps. Genetically, my body doesn’t tone easily. My stomach is my most flattering area of my body for sure, but my extremities resist the toning. It becomes frustrating when you work on it so hard. Blah Blah Blah, you’ve heard this all before. Coolsculpting was the perfect thing for me to do. I mean, the results speak for themselves. I did two treatments on my arms, flanks, and inner thighs.

It isn’t easy for me to show such vulnerable pictures of my awesome thighs, but, I really wanted to show you what coolsculpting can do! I am proud of my before just as much as my after!

cool3 coolscup

Both of these pictures were taken BEFORE the new year and before I started my strict PALEO diet. The crazy thing about these photos is there is only a 1 pound difference between the two! BUT you can see from the pictures that coolsculpting WORKS!! And not only that, but it’s amazing how it can transform your body to showcase those muscles you work so hard for.

A HUGE thanks goes out to Doctor Marion and his office. WOW. They exceeded my expectations. Their beautiful office is welcoming and warming. The staff is beyond friendly and complimentary. I wouldn’t go to anyone else for this treatment or any of my atheistic needs.

They are actually having an OPEN HOUSE next Tuesday, Feburary 9th, from 5:30-8:00 PM to celebrate their office makeup and educate all of us on coolsculpting and SO MUCH MORE!


SO make sure you do so by email


It’s FREE to go AND you receive a $50 giftcard JUST for going!!

That would be the perfect time for you to go and see if you are a candidate for coolsculpting!

You can also email them and schedule yourself for a FREE consult.

Thanks again Marion office for helping me achieve the body I work so hard for!


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  • Nicole

    Hi Sadie! You are a beautiful person! I look at you and read your blog and I just think “Sadie is so cool, I want to be her friend!!”
    So here are my thoughts: You talk about your insecurities with different parts of your body and I get it!! I have been there! I have felt the agonising pain in my heart of hating certain parts of my body and wishing it was more (or less in the thigh area, lol) or different. More than I care to admit. Over the last 2 years though, I have been focusing on self love. Loving my body as it is! I exercise 5-6 days a week, eat healthy and drink lots of water. I’m 28, 5’7, have 3 kids, and wear about a size 4 on bottom and a 2 on top (so no thinking I’m just one of “those” girls, trying to excuse away extra pounds!) I love keeping my body healthy, because i FEEL good when it is healthy! I have cellulite, and some stretch marks on my legs (puberty) but know what? It’s beautiful! My stretch marks are beautiful, and my cellulite is beautiful! Because I CHOOSE every day to believe that I am beautiful, despite what other people would call “imperfections” I don’t view them as imperfections at all! Heavenly Father gave me this beautiful body, and I am doing my part in taking care of it! Why is cellulite or a little extra chubs around the hips ugly? Correct answer: it ISN’T. Media would have us believe otherwise, obviously. I have a large bum in proportion to the rest of my body. But– it’s beautiful too! Heavenly Father gave me this body, and as long as I do my part to keep it healthy, I have no reason to believe it is “imperfect” in any way shape or form. Sure, I’m sure most of the world things I could REEEEEALLY use cool sculpting on my inner thighs and hips… But I don’t think I need it. They are great as they are! I’m trying to get the point across that my body is VERY flawed, according to “the world”, but that I CHOOSE to say they are WRONG! It’s a beautiful body, and it does awesome and amazing things, and I do my part to take care of it. And what others think, doesn’t matter. Because I know Heavenly Father thinks I am beautiful as I am. THIS is the body he gave me. He DIDN’T give me one with smaller thighs and hips. And I love the gift of my body. And it’s MY body. Something I have been mulling over: When we die and are resurrected (I’m LDS too) will we suddenly all have “hot bodies”? The idea is laughable and crazy!! It is just NOT something that will be important by the time we reach resurrection. I have small boobs (30C… equivalent to a 34A, cup size wise! haha), and they most certainly won’t go up 2 cups sizes, to be “perfect” Society has warped our view of the “perfect” body. Those who have so-called “imperfect” bodies and are waiting for the resurrection to get a “perfect” body will be sorely disappointed to realise it’s the exact same body they’ve always had, but perhaps in a healthier condition. IF we are taking care of our bodies, they are perfect as they are.
    You are in the public eye, so I’m sure it is much harder for you to not listen to what the world says about your beautiful body. I can’t imagine how hard that must be. It must be purely awful at times.
    Here are my final thoughts: (after this obnoxiously long comment) You probably think I’m completely crazy, and maybe I am. But I have to throw it out there, since I have discovered my love for my perfect body, I just want to share it with others! I want to yell “to hell with what society says, my body IS PERFECT!”

    • Sadie Jane

      What a beautiful comment and beautiful words!! I feel like maybe you might feel like I feel differently than you because you wrote this on this post but I want to make sure you know, because I want ALL my readers to know, that I completely and 100% agree with you!!!!
      If you follow me on Instagram, I 10000% promote self love, in fact, self love is not only important but easily the most necessary part in the puzzle of your fitness journey!
      In NO WAY am I saying I don’t love my body because I struggle with toning my arms! In fact, I’ve worked really hard to love this body Heavenly Father has given me. Unfortunately, many women have to work harder these days because of society, but I choose to see social media as a way to connect and inspire. Although, I am also for taking a break from it and just enjoying the life you have! You feel me! I hope I am making sense in this comment.
      I refer to my stretch marks as warrior marks because I don’t see them as imperfections! They are beautiful! And my tiny boobs are beautiful too! And if I decided to get some fake boobies, they would be beautiful then too!!!
      I am grateful for the opportunity to try out coolsculpting! After researching and knowing it was safe for me to do, I was genuinely intrigued to see if it worked or not. I love that I have a blog where I can educate people or at least give them my opinion, on all things health and fitness!
      Like I said in th

      • Sadie Sabin

        Whoops, I wasn’t done!
        Like I said in the blog post.
        I loved my body before and I love it now!
        I feel more confident in my arms but my love has not changed!!!
        I thank the Lord everyday for this body and it sounds like you do too!!
        I also thank the Lord for people like you, who understand and see your true potential!!
        Don’t ever lose that and share it loud and proud!!!!
        Sadie Jane

  • Rachyrach

    Those results are amazing!!!! You look fabulous! And I think you’re such an example and inspiration for all of us moms out there on what hard work and dedication can do for our mind body and soul! You’re amazing, and inspire me to embrace and love my body because it does miraculous things for us! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Meg

    Hi Sadie,
    Are you going to blog about your paleo cleanse? Or maybe I missed it?

    • sadie

      HEY GIRL!! You haven’t missed it!!! Going to blog it this week!!!

  • Louise

    I’m having the treatment next week on my arms (and later my saddle-bags too). I really identify with your posts and think I probably look much the same as you in the “before” photos so this really gives me great hope!
    My consultant has advised to drink 2-3 litres of water a day following the treatment as it helps with getting rid of the fat cells and toxins.
    Do you have any other tips to help get as much out of this as possible?

    I’m feeling a bit more encouraged now!

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