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PALEO cleanse 2016!


Well folks, it’s that time again. “Moderation and balance” has slowly turned into “SUGAR HAS OVERTAKEN MY LIFE”. It has to be gone. It’s time for my body to heal. Did you know that sugar is the most addictive substance on earth? No, really. It’s easy to let it get out of control. And you might not even know it yourself! Salad dressings, breads, meal replacement bars, drinks… so many things we don’t even realize. Which is why I’m not just taking sugar out, but I am going full on PALEO. Taking out processed foods is a must if you are going to cleanse your body. Artificial sweeteners, MSG, and preservatives cannot be digested or absorbed which result in swelling of the stomach and the small and large intestine. Bread and dairy do the same thing. Over processed, added sugar, yeast that swells the body, and added hormones. Whether it’s a processed freezer burrito or a piece of bread, the PALEO diet doesn’t allow ANYTHING processed. PALEO by definition (or by my definition) is the “caveman” diet, or the “hunter-gatherer” diet. Only food items that can be killed or harvested from the land. Or in other words… meats, veggies, and fruits. Eating off the land. Foods that are easy and natural for our bodies to digest!

I don’t have plans to stay on this diet permanently. Paleo for me is more of a reboot. My goal right now is 6 weeks, and then we will see where I am at! Maybe then I will jump back into adding healthy whole grains into my diet. But for now, I will eat 6 small meals a day only with Paleo foods and recipes. I am also going to record everything I eat and drink. AND drink no less than 8 glasses of water a day! Oh, and the best part! I am FOR SURE giving myself a cheat meal. I need my sushi! HA!

I am so pumped to feel like myself again!

If you are interested in this little challenge of mine or are curious to see what I can eat, I made that little food guide above to help you compare the good from the bad.



Today was my first day of this PALEO cleanse and I made this delicious beef stew!

Processed with VSCOcam with f1 preset

Pinterest has SO many great Paleo meals!

I found this beef stew HERE


Let’s start this 2016 off healthy and strong


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  • Lenae

    I’m in! I already eat this way for the most part, but after the holidays and being sick I got way off track. My baby is 11 months old and I’m STILL working on getting my body back after two C-sections (both my girls were 9lbs 6oz!)in less that two years. Found your blog a while back when I was desperately searching for encouragement. I’m a personal trainer of 12 years and have been in incredible shape for most of my life – until kids. Even trainers need a kick in the butt sometimes and a few “been there, done that” success stories from others to keep our spirits high. Thank you for opening up your life and sharing the highs and lows of your journey. Sadie, you have been a blessing to me already.

  • Morgan

    Hey Sadie! Do you buy organic produce? How do you keep buying fresh food affordable? I love your Paleo tips! Thank you for sharing. After reading your Cleanse Review I am so motivated to do one myself. Your before/after photos are amazing! Thanks for being brave enough to share!

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