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10 days was a long time. A LONG {insert swear word here} TIME! But, I will say, it is JUST what I needed and wanted! If you read my SUGAR ADDICTION post, you are well aware that I really needed a RESTART for my body to not CRAVE sugar all the time. This was exactly that!! It’s funny because I was planning on doing a juice cleanse (I am going to review one of those too!) BUT when I told me dear friend Amanda about it she immediately told me about this 10 day cleanse she SWEARS by! She told me it was a ‘clean eating’ cleanse that helps you recharge with LASTING benefits. She pretty much begged me to try and promised me that if I could make it through, it would be so worth it. And, she was right!! It was worth it. Which is why I want to share my results with you all. The cleanse was actually a packet with a few different things in it. A fiber drink and 2 different packets of all-natural pills. While eating a strict PALEO and NO SUGAR diet for 10 days, you are suppose to take the pills and fiber drink when instructed. I can honestly say that after this cleanse, I feel energized and right back where I need to be! I now feel like a crave HEALTHY, clean food rather than wanting to reach for a sugar cookie or candy. I even have been able to throw a couple of 2-a-days in at the gym. I ate a cupcake the day after it was over, don’t get me wrong. I still am a huge advocate of MODERATION but only if you are in a healthy mindset, which before this, I wasn’t! If you want a recharge and are WILLING TO COMMIT to yourself for 10 days…I would 100% recommend this. The cleanse is from ADVOCARE, which honestly, I have NEVER EVER tried any of their other products. So, please note! I am not promoting this company or their other products. BUT I will promote this cleanse!!! I loved it so much that my friend even gave me a special code so you can just go on the website and simply BUY the cleanse by yourself. (apparently, you usually have to be a member)


and you are all set!
Just read the directions carefully and take one day at a time.
I will tell you straight UP…
Every. Single. Day. Sucked!
It was hard every day BUT it was worth it
You got this.
Have a fabulous weekend!

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  • jcb

    The link still asked me to put in the distributor that I know…

    • Sadie Jane Sabin

      I just fixed it! Just click on the link and finish with your address! Let me know if you continue to have problems!

      • Brooke

        Do I need to become a customer to buy this?
        P.S. Love your blog:)

  • Ashlee

    You are seriously so amazing!!! I love your blog and your adorable instagram. You are such an inspiration to me and make me want to be a lot healthier. After I graduated high school I started eating badly was not as active as I use to be. I want to get back into shape and be healthier, stronger, and happier with my body. I am going to try this cleanse and hope that I can get rid of my sugar addiction as well. I am doing no pop this year for my resolution and I can proudly say that I am still going strong. You are an amazing women and have the cutest family. Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with your followers :) p.s. I too am and Idaho girl and love it.

  • janica

    what kind did you try!?

  • Lisa

    Any chance you will be sharing what a day or two of your meals looked like. It’s hard going without carbs when you get a hard workout in everyday. I would love some tips on how you made it through your workouts and the day to day with toddlers while staying paleo.

  • Jennifer

    This might sound like the craziest comment. I love you blog. I love it because you have great material and you link out to other great things. The only problem is, I want the links to open into another window so I can continue reading your blog and keep my place there instead of having to press the back button if I want to explore your links further. If you want to use hyperlinks in your text that will open a new window and your blog stays in its own window you can use this css programming. then right the hyperlink text here

    This is just a friendly piece of advice. Thank you so much for blogging. I started your workouts this week when I stumbled upon them via Pinterest. I am super excited and sore.

    • Holly

      Just right click the link and hit ‘open in new tab’ or ‘open in new window’.

  • Brooklynn

    So I clicked the link and an herbal cleanse came up. Is that the right thing..?

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  • Donna Baumann

    The Herbal Cleanse is awesome…tough, but worth the effort! Their Sci Med Board recommends a few other products to combine with it…OmegaPlex and Spark. We’ve been using their products for over three years and love them! They also have a great virtual coaching tool that helps you through the 10 days with meal planning, etc. Anyone can order products…you don’t need a special code or have to be a “member” you can order from their main website or find a distributor near you :0

  • Kim T

    How did you do the fiber drink?? O.m.g. It’s so awful haha!!! I bought this cleanse about 6 months ago and could not get the drink down!

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