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During the chaos of moving I sold some of our large pieces of furniture because I knew we wouldn’t be able to store or fit them in our temporary rental. I had to bid farewell to my beautiful Pottery Barn table that my husband refinished. It was a sad day. BUT, on the upside, having no dining table means that I get to go shopping for something new. Being a mother of 2 messy toddlers made me choose my table wisely. I needed something for a really great price but had some appeal to it, oh, and it had to be easy to clean. OBVIOUSLY. I really wanted the table modern and clean also because I knew I was going to seriously splurge on the chairs. I mean, a good chair can make a kitchen. Like these folding chairs we are currently using. #bejealous


My girl Lindy, the owner of the most TOO DIE FOR furniture store, has THE BEST inventory of dining chairs.

You might remember Four Chairs Furniture from our previous home in Idaho. We replaced the dining room light with these beautiful light fixtures.

Since discovering Four Chairs Furniture, I go onto their site weekly to pin another amazing piece of furniture or decor piece. I just love how each piece is such a statement piece.

SO, now I need your help.

Which dining chair should I pick?

All these picks are straight from the FOUR CHAIRS website. Could you die?

PicMonkey Collage

I am really embracing the character this home has. It’s old but has so much potential. I love that I get to design and decorate totally differently than my previous home.


Tell me which one you would choose in the comments below!


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  • Amber

    So many fun choices! I must say tho, I lean towards metal chairs. We just got some and they clean up super easy!!! Nothing beats an easy wipedown after little sticky fingers have been at the table!

  • Lindsey Peterson


  • Tia

    I really like 6 too!!

  • Kim

    Really like the look of 6. The mix of wood and metal is pretty awesome and super functional!! Good luck

  • Brianne

    6! But, they’re all really awesome!

  • Heather Hohertz

    I’m liking 6 as well!

  • MaryKate

    6! Love it.

  • Timberly

    3 or 6, both are pretty fabulous

  • Sara

    6 OR 7! :)

  • Ashley Calaway

    3 or 6! Both are awesome!

  • morgan

    Sadie, as lovely as some of the chairs are…..fabric?! You would lose your mama mind! Haha. Given the age of your home and the aesthetic of your table I think that #6 would be a solid choice. Best of luck!

  • Jen

    6!! Love them

  • Lizard

    3 or 4! They have a lot if character and aren’t bulky so I think they’ll look good close together in a group.

  • Dad

    Even though most are choosing 6, I vote 4. Great lines, elegant, comfortable, and easy to clean. They remind me of the ones we had as a young family before we had eight children and had to resort to long wooden benches at the sides of an oblong table. But whichever you choose they will be amazing, cause that’s what you do! You do amazing…..

  • Laurie E.

    I love 4 or 7. And I have great taste. 😉

  • Jessica C

    i vote 4. the fabric looks like its either leather or faux leather and that will help with cleaning. having the hardness but warmth of the wood frame paired with the fabric gives it a nice balance. the frame of 4 also mimics the exposed frame of the table. where the table top spills over the frame, the fabric seat spills over the frame.

  • Stayc @ Lacy & Crew

    My favorite is 8! But….. with young kids I don’t think it’s practical. :( 3 or 6! :)

  • Julie

    6 is appealing to me…with little ones…

  • Rachel @ R & R Workshop

    Ohhh I love them all!! How about mixing them up? Like #8 for you and your hubby & #3 or #5 for the kids since they are easier to clean.

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