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Family hikes and a drink giveaway!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of ALO Drink for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Every weekend during the summer time my little family and I try to go on a hike to enjoy the beautiful nature we have surrounding us! I also love hiking for a great workout while being with the family! This weekend we added something new to our hike.


Say hello to my new favorite crisp, refreshing beverage…ALO! A must on those long family hikes! ALO Website

hike2 IMG_5090

Want a drink that gives back to your body with every sip? Let me start telling you about this awesome drink by explaining the natural benefits of real aloe vera, which is hand picked from their organic aloe vera farm and hand filleted, ensuring quality, freshness and goodness that is straight from the leaf, never from powder (like many of its competitors). This crisp, refreshing base of real aloe vera pulp and juice is then enhanced with a mix of real fruits, vegetables and healthful ingredients to create a variety of unique flavors.

Not only is ALO Drink the #1 ready-to-drink aloe vera beverage in the U.S. grocery channel, it is also the first aloe vera beverage to receive the Non-GMO Project Verification. It is all natural, low in calories, gluten-free and fat free.

ALO Drink beverages go beyond their luscious taste to make you feel amazing from the inside out and I think you will love it so much that you should head over to the ALO Facebook page to enter to win some of your own!

hike10 hike54 hike46 hike29 hike3

After my hike I decided to add the ALO drink into a cocktail!! With some ALO drink, protein powder, banana, strawberries, ice, spinach, and almond milk it was an amazing recovery drink!!! You should try it!


ALL YOU have to do is comment below and answer this question!

“How would you incorporate ALO Drink into your health routine?”

You can submit additional entries by liking the ALO Facebook page, ALO Facebook following ALO on Twitter, or following ALO on Instagram.


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Showing 19 comments
  • Shaele

    I think I would use it like you have as a recovery drink or even a replacement for juice with my little monkeys.

  • Annie S.

    I would drink it instead of an unhealthy snack:)

  • Danielle Roseboom

    def post workout smoothies!

  • Jessica w

    I would drink this around 3pm when all I want to do is eat chocolate.

  • Morgan Tubbesing

    I will drink ALO as an after lunch treat and afternoon pick-me-up. I have been able to eliminate soda from my diet and am excited to have an alternative that is nourishing!

  • Marybeth

    I would love to try alo after a run or as a snack with my kiddos.

  • Heather Hillicoss

    I would love to try ALO as a family treat after a hike or bike ride!

  • Amanda Jared

    I would drink ALO after lunch to fight my Mt. Dew craving!

  • Rachel

    This sounds great!! I wonder if I can get it where I live…very limited on my shopping!

  • Nicole Anderson

    I would drink this in the afternoons after lunch at work for a pick me up! Or after a workout for a recovery. I would also add it to my Green Mango Strawberry smoothies!

  • Cynthia

    I would try it out after being at the playground or outside playing with my kids.

  • Mollie Costley

    i would put it in smoothies for sure! my husbands 90 year old grandma swear the secret to her long healthy life is by drinking aloe vera!

  • Kimberly

    After lunch in between dinner. That’s when I need a pick up.

  • Calli

    I would take this to work for an afternoon alternative to an energy drink!

  • paula

    I would use it to hydrate after I woke up in the morning to energize me!

  • Mackenzie

    I like to try it with recovery drink/smoothies and see if my littles like it too… could be a win win 🙂

  • Lisa Thurmond

    I have heard that it wasa good substitute to water.Now I have to try it to see if it is good as every one say. So i will try it today.

  • Kelsey

    I would definitely use it in my smoothies for breakfast!

  • Genevieve

    I can think of so many ways I could incorporate this drink into my diet! I have been trying to find a healthy drink that I would be fine with drinking everyday, I am pretty picky and get bored with drinking the same thing everyday. Although I only ever really drink water. But I have been looking a lot into ALO to get feed back and it seems like it is just the drink I need! ALO seems like it would be great in smoothies, protein shakes, or just to drink whether it is at home, work or even at class! And hikes are my all time favorite thing to do! I decided this summer I was going to hike every mountain near me and I only have a few left to do! This seems like such a refreshing drink to take onto hikes!

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