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crossfit inspired playground workout #2 {fitness}


As promised, here is playground workout #2!


30 weighted lunges

10 leg-raised push-ups

2 shuffle line touches (side shuffle sprint between 2 designated spots, each “back and forth” equals 1) remember to stay low and keep your knees bent.


Don’t forget to warm up first!! Check out this post to find out how!


I hope you have a fabulous day today!


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  • Courtney

    So where do you write about balancing working out and kids? Do you get up early, do you work out during nap time? And how do you stay motivated haver the 1st month? Feel free just to send me the links of previous posts… love to hear more!!! Love your work outs!

  • Quinn Franklin

    Hi Sadie,

    Hope you are getting settled in. I was checking in to see if other playground WODs have been posted…… I will stay tuned. Again, I hope you are enjoying your new environment.

    Take care,

  • Brian Smith

    Thank you. I was looking for some Playground WOD ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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