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WERK IT! (preview)

8 months ago I was 9 months pregnant…
and HUGE.
Then I delivered my 2nd amazing child that I couldn’t imagine my life without…
AND the #PEACEOUTBABYWEIGHT journey began!
When Baylor turned 6 months old I had lost all my baby weight…
(it took me DOUBLE the time with my first baby)
I decided back then not to blog about my tips and tricks for a while because I wanted to continue my progression.
so…here’s a sneak peak of what I’ve been doing the last 8 months to get my body back!
{pull ups}
 {handstand pushups}
 {double unders}
 {rope climbs}
Until then…
let us all get real for a second and pretend like everyone can relate to me here!
I took Reagan to IJump today and I joined in the fun!
 I LOVE jumping on the tramp…I always have a great time…
 especially at this moment…when I was just enjoying my time and interacting with Reagan like a good mom…
 …when I for reals…
peed my pants!
{you know I do my ‘exercises’ just like the next girl}
 BUT no matter how much weight I lose…
I fear my bladder will never be the same.
Now that is some serious BABY MOMMA drama!
 It’s the NEW YEAR so stay tuned to hear about tips to help you with your resolutions!
{even if one of those tips includes carrying an extra pair of underwear deep in the corners of your purse!}
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  • Tiffany

    you look amazing!!!

  • breedwoman

    alright you’re a badass! But a word on the Momma pee… totally there with you! I can’t do jumping jacks anymore full out because of that… going to the dr. to get a handle on it… no amount of “girly” exercises helps this momma out…

  • Amanda Maddox

    I have to cross my legs when I sneeze. And when I laugh. No freakin’ joke….You look amazing!

  • Meagan@Meagan Tells All

    You’re hardcore!

  • Briep

    That is amazing on you getting into shape. Also, thanks for posting about peeing yourself. I feel like I am the weird one, glad to know others are like me. I should not be peeing myself at 25.

  • Dottie O

    Find a good urogynecologist (a urology specialist just for women) in your area. Sometimes the leaking can be fixed by a quick procedure in the doctor’s office!! I don’t understand why so many American women have begun to talk about leaking like it’s a normal part of aging or having babies. You don’t have to wear a pad every time you work out, or worry about what will happen if you cough, sneeze, or laugh!

  • Kimbo West

    okay..i know you literally peed your pants. but i’m virtually peeing my pants with laughter that you shared. wait for the 3rd kid. you will need a diaper.

    and i just read the comment above me.

  • Kristin

    That has totally happened to me!!! ??

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