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 In less than 5 days my little guy will be 8 months old!!
He might as well be going to college because he is anything but my little baby anymore!!
I don’t remember Reagan growing up this quickly!
Just yesterday I was feeding him his first spoonful of baby food and now…
he eats 2 containers of baby food for each meal!
INCLUDING his bottle…and his yogurt melts, oat puffs and bananas!
He has 5 teeth and another on it’s way.
AND he is exploring every corner of the house with his army like crawl! 
It’s safe to say he is changing every single day…
but he is still the mama’s boy that I love!!
I have to seriously cherish every single moment I have with him…those moments are fleeting…fast!
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  • Nessa Bixler

    Oh my goodness – he is a handsome man!!! My son eats so much better than my daughter did. I think it would be easier with him to just use a funnel!

  • marcalicious

    {cuteness} in that lil’ body!!!!

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