Hey guys…guess what!?!

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Hey guys…guess what!?!

I’m…um…6 weeks old right now…BUT when I took this picture I was 5 weeks old…even though I am wearing my 1 month old sticker…
but it’s close enough RIGHT?!?
Mommy has been pretty busy with 2 little kids to take care of now…but I have been a pretty good baby so far!!
I sleep lots and eat about every 3 hours…sometimes at night I will wait 4 hours to eat…which makes mommy really happy!!
I do have to brag a little…I am a champion breast feeder!
I’ve even heard mommy say I am easier and better than Reagan was…that makes me happy!
OH and so far I haven’t had as many blowouts!
 Mom carts me around with her everywhere…to crossfit and to the grocery store…I even went to a rodeo!!
I just kinda chill and suck on my binky while I sit in my car seat.
When mommy gives me tummy time I’m really strong and I like to hold my head up and move it from side to side!
2 days ago…exactly when I turned 6 weeks old…I FINALLY smiled at mommy!
Oh and today…I smiled at daddy!
I like to stay awake more and more everyday and just kinda look around and watch Reagan play and dance.
 So far life has been pretty good and mommy says she’s really happy to have me around.
Daddy left us for 4 WHOLE DAYS last week for High Adventure with the boys in our ward and that was hard on mommy…especially since I was having a HUGE growth spurt and eating every 2 hours at night and Reagan would wake up at 6 every morning…
Mommy sure is grateful to have a supportive helpful husband around!
OH and MAN Reagan really loves to help mommy with me…a little too much sometimes!
She likes to pull my binky out of my mouth and give it mommy and when mommy says no…she still does it…then I get sad cause I don’t have my binky…this happens again and again all day.
Mommy has to really watch Reagan cause she likes to try and hold me and sometimes she tries to kick me or put her fingers in my mouth…but overall she’s a pretty good sister…every time she walks into the room she says…”HI Bayr”…she can’t quite say my name.
But I love her and yeah she loves me!
It’s safe to say this family of four is having a pretty great life!
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