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Out with the old…ish.

So…here’s the deal…
How could you forget…since I remind you about it like all the time…
well sadly…very sadly…I have decided to retire this wonderful bedding due to a few reasons…
 Its been a little over a year since I made it…and I am glad it’s lasted this long…
I couldn’t really expect it to last THAT long since I {FOR REALS} sleep with a gorilla!
All the knots were slowly coming untied…
and why didn’t someone try to convince me that white was a horrible idea with a toddler in the house…  
 Look at how dirty it was getting…I didn’t want to dry clean it again because I was afraid more of the knots would come untied…
it was TIME to change things up again…and I had planned to make a new comforter with GREY jersey fabric but I am working on things for my little baby boys room so…I bought everything instead…AT TARGET!!
Thank you Target for working with my budget!!
I am thrilled that I found a simple grey comforter that was in my budget that I could work with until I get a chance to make another one!
I also gave my side tables and lamps the boot too…
can you see the ghettoness in this table?…I should have NEVER spray painted it…or at least put a top coat on it…
GOOD THING these little tables are only 16 DOLLARS!
I was able to grab 2 new black ones and…no spray painting this time.
OH and since you can see my cute sheets in this pictures I’ll tell ya I changed out those as well…the others were too busy with everything else I had going on in my room!
Now for the next SAD story about my sweet rosette lamps…
this was kind of a MUST…I take these lamps as displays to all my craft fairs and at one of the fairs they got blown over from the wind and totally broke! 
See the lamp shade is connected to the lamp base…so I can’t put the shade on a different base…LAME!
You can kinda see that it’s tilted in this photo…
the top has totally broken off and it’s hanging on the wires…so it was due time…sadly!
 BUT I found these cute little lamps…also at Target for very cheap {less than $20 for both the base and shade}…I will probably be adding some goodness to the shade but to be honest I am kinda loving the simplicity of it!
I also love the feel the side tables give…so much more clean and chic.
 Overall it gives the room a little bit more of a modern feel but with a baby on the way the perfect thing for me is clean, organized and simple!
I’m still trying to figure out what to do with the top pillows…
I might just keep all of them on…
still deciding…
what’s your take?
OH…UPDATE on the diaper bag drama!!!
Bought one…
it came…
like HUGE…
so I returned it…
still looking…
will continue to update…
and in the end I will tell you what I order, returned and finally decided to get!

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  • erica[goodjobmomma]

    i love the gray. super cute and simple. target is simply amazing!!

    diaper bags are tricky for sure! can’t wait to find out which one you picked!! 🙂

    oh and target $$ up for grabs. 🙂


  • Shannon

    So sad to retire that beautiful bedding—but I guess I can see where you’re coming from. The gray is cute—clean and simple. I’m going through a major gray phase right now as well…LOVE it paired with just about any other color. And you can’t go wrong with Target! (My favorite store 🙂

    Diaper bag shopping IS drama—I want to know what the reject was! Haha… good luck in your continued search!

  • Heidi

    Love the simple lamps. The turquoise color is amazing. And the gray goes great with all your other colors you already had. The more pillows the merrier…keep them!

  • Ashley

    I love the colors in your bedroom! Target is such a fantastic place for good deals!

  • What Sadie Did

    Ahh I remember the days of the anthro-bedding-tute! Glad it lasted so long, and although it’s sad after all your hard work to change it, sometimes a re-vamp is good fun. Yours looks fab 🙂

    Sadie xx

  • Kendall

    Hi sadie, an idea for a diaper bag a back pack style. Now that # 2 is coming you are going to need both hands. For myself it worked the best!

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