The many faces of Reagan

This post is for YOU {Grandma Vicki}
Because YOU are amazing and made this ADORABLE dress to match the ADORABLE shoes that you got for little miss Reagan!
She wanted to show you how amazing she looks!
 OH and she wanted to show off her ‘walking in heels’ skills!!
She is a natural…like her momma!
OK…I KNOW I KNOW…it’s been almost a WEEK since I blogged AND I only posted ONCE last week!!
I have many excuses of course…none that I will bother telling you all…but I do promise to do better this week!
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  • Vicki Sabin

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this post!!! Thank you so much for the photo shoot. ADORABLE!!! Makes me want to go sew up another one… :)

  • Sara

    soooo cute! I love little Miss Reagan. Especially in her fancy outfit.

  • Ashley

    She looks so adorable! Love that little dress and shoes!

  • Heidi

    Oh my! Love the dress and shoes. Too cute! Her chubby arms and legs are so cute. I just made a hair bow that would go perfect with that leopard print!

  • Dana

    Love the outfit!! She is a doll!

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