And they’re married!

My amazing little bro (who has been living with me for the past month) got married last Saturday!!
It was a FREEZING day…and I forgot my camera when they were taking pictures at the temple but I got a few snap shots at the reception! 
The reception was held at my parents place.
 We had the caterer bring a few things but then the sisters got together and had a dessert making party!
We made everything from homemade samoas to raspberry cheesecake bars.
best. picture. ever.
 My mom did an amazing job decorating!
Complete with beautiful branches and lighted lanterns!
 My grandparents had the right idea…hide in the pantry the whole reception.
 Since it was literally 30 MPH winds that day…I decided to take the safe road and throw together the handy dandy SOCK BUN! 
 {tight goodness}
 The 3 pregnant sisters!
Only a couple weeks apart!
 Seriously…all these boys did was talk about there phones!
Someone needs to tell the pregnant lady that polka dots are NOT flattering!!
I am so happy and proud of him!!
It’s hard to believe we won’t have anymore summers together spraying weeds, building fence, raising 4-H steers, cleaning stalls or riding horses!
I love you Caleb…here’s to the next chapters of our lives!
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  • McKenzie Guymon

    You look fabulous! Can I take that picture of the flowers to use for my mom’s FB page?

  • Jess

    Just think though…When your kids get older you can help them with their 4-H projects! Congrats Caleb!

  • Sadie Jane

    Sure Mckenzie…tell your mom she is amazing!! The flowers were so beautiful!!

  • Ashley

    Her dress was gorgeous! How fun to be all be pregnant at the same time!

    oh, and your mom’s pantry looks amazing!

  • Ryan and Janelle

    Cute photos! Do tell more about this sock bun!!!

  • Emily

    Smart idea about wearing your hair in a bun. I live in Texas and it get super windy here so it’s always frustrating when I wear my hair down and then it gets ruined in the wind! Plus, sock buns are really pretty and classic.

  • The Daily Brielle Lee

    haha I just realized I am wearing the exact same tights you are wearing! I love them! You look beautiful in everything, I really don’t think the polka dots look bad. Horizontal stripes maybe aren’t the best, but the polka dots aren’t that bad! :)

  • Kristin

    Congrats Caleb! His new wife looks so pretty. Lovin the sock bun. Whats a sock bun?

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