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 AFTER reading this post…come check out my most recent blog post about hairstyles!
RAISE your hand if you have a little toddler with CRAZY hair!
Kinda like this…
and it has a mind of it’s own…
as captured in this photo! 
WELL…after experimenting with the little hair that Reagan has…I have come up with 15 different hair styles that will work for YOUR crazy toddlers too!
BUT there is a BIT of a DISCLAIMER!…
I will explain at the end of the post!!




11. *also can be done with simple straight part*





1. Distractions are a MUST! Some of Reagan’s favorites…floss, makeup, water, contact cases, rubber bands! I’ve noticed that things only keep her occupied for like 2 minutes or LESS before she needs something different.
2. You HAVE to be able to do hair while your toddlers on the move…although I ALWAYS put her on the counter…she tends to scoot around EVERYWHERE…it takes some time to learn but I’ve become a PRO at making a perfect middle part or finishing off a rubber band while she reaches for a light switch.
3. Make sure no one has a tape recorder close…Jeff will sit on the couch and laugh while he listens to the conversations (more like arguments) Reagan and I have while I’m doing her hair…let’s just say some of the ‘conversation’ aren’t full of sweet, endearing words. I have learned a lot of patience!
4. GRAB YOUR MAKEUP and RUN!! Sometimes I won’t take my makeup organizer off the counter and I’m ALWAYS wishing I had…you should see my sink TODAY!…it’s covered in sparkly brown eyeshadow!
5. You HAVE to be OK with your bathroom looking like this when you’re done! Some of these hairstyles take…let’s just say…a WHILE and AFTER all the distractions are used up and spit out…your bathroom will look like THIS!…but don’t worry…take your pumpkin off the counter…give yourself a pat on the back for doing your little girls hair AMAZINGLY…take a deep breathe and clean up your mess!!
6. LAST but NOT least…meltdowns WILL happen…from YOU and HER…those are the days that you resort to a side pony and call it good!
Right about now your probably thinking…”umm…that is WAY to much work…I’m good with something simple everyday.”
BUT I promise it’s worth it…or at least I think so!
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  • Nancy

    Oh my heck!!! I love these, all of these!! Can’t wait do do my little Sadie’s har like this! Your a life saver.

  • Meagan@Meagan Tells All

    So cute!!!

    I have the problem with brin having tooooo much hair AND it is curly. Blog tutorials on those types of hair??? Lol

    Reagan you’re a doll!!!

  • Chris Loves Julia

    OBSESSED with that clip in 4. Source?

  • Sadie Jane

    JULIA…I have NO idea…I got it from my sister in-law! She was getting rid of it and I quickly snatched it right up!! I think it was from like Target or something…I will ask her!
    Meagan I wish Reagan’s hair was more like Brins! I sure hope she starts growing more! Maybe one of my children will have thick curly hair…but until then DON’T change a thing! Her hair looks adorable ALL the time! It’s perfection!

  • Sarah Nicole

    Wow, I can’t so much as get one rubber band in my 14month old’s hair. Granted, I have a little boy so I can’t be going crazy with pigtails anyway, but given my limited experience, I’m awestruck at your talent!

  • Briep

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Briep

    Thanks for the great ideas with the hair. I have 3 girls and I am always looking for new ways to do their hair.

  • Megan

    You crack me up!!! I looooove all the hair do’s! Mine may be turning 3 next week, but for real has like very little hair I may have to bribe her with candy so I can try some of these!

  • Tyson and Emily

    Super cute ideas. I love blogs about hair ideas for my girls. My favorite is http://www.princesshairstyles.com They have toddler and big girl ideas πŸ™‚

  • Heidi

    Haha you are a crack up!! And I love your disclaimers!! =) My husband will sometimes crack up at me and my antics to get my girls hair done but most of the time he will say, “Just leave her alone and let it be!” He doesn’t understand the drama we have to go through to look good!! I remember my mom PULLING at my hair to get it in a tight braid and I would cry and she would NOT be sympathetic so I’m just passing on the circle of life! =) Oh and btw, I wish I could scrunch my girls hair and have it turn out like Raegan’s!! All 3 of my girls have STICK STRAIGHT hair!!

  • Ashley

    Oh my goodness! These are all super cute! Can’t wait to try them but man I know it will be a struggle. I have perfected doing pigtails while Kendra is on the run and I have to chase after her doing them!

  • Vicki Sabin

    Reagan – even though you might not appreciate it, you are lucky to have a mommy who cares what you look like! You are adorable with all your cute little hairstyles…

  • Passionate Design

    First, let me say how I wish I had seen this when my girlie (now 3 with tons of hair) was just a little tyke. She is my fourth, born after THREE BOYS so I was trying to figure out how to do her hair when there wasn’t that much.

    Secondly, for the Mommas out there that think that it is too much work and the reward isn’t great…it is! Doing your darlings hair when they’re small is difficult but WORTH it because if you do their hair everyday from birth (okay so maybe not that much, but more often than not) they learn to sit still as they grow. Plus my favorite memories of childhood were when My Mother did my hair. My boys get jealous of the time my daughter Elsbeth gets to spend with me while I do her hair.

    Thanks again for the ideas…I’m sure I can make them work for us even with a boat load of hair πŸ™‚


  • Greg and Nancy

    pThis post is great — but what *reallY* made me smile is the big ol’ bottle of Renew lotion on your counter. I love that stuff. πŸ™‚

  • Emma

    Thanks for these ideas- they are SO cute! Do you use any products like hairspray or gel to keep it so smooth? My baby’s hair always ends up looking fuzzy with lots of flyaways all over!

  • Bobbi Steele

    what do you use to scrunch the hair?, email me at supermanscutie@gmail.com

  • Haute Mama

    I have been doing my daughter Reagan’s hair since she was like 2 days old! πŸ˜‰ a little corn syrup goes a long way! πŸ˜‰ seriously though, i used the bumbo on the counter until my daughter was almost 4. It was way harder for her to wiggle around and move.

  • Kellie

    What I love MOST about this post is how you showed what the bathroom looks like after and being honest about the meltdowns (yours AND hers!). Most moms would just present he perfect hair and leave it at that. Loving your honesty and your ideas!

  • Marcia Wilwerding

    LOL! I honestly believe our daughter-in-love would have to sedate our toddler granddaughter in order to do any one of these styles. Right now, they’re into two ponies at the top, but I’ll send her this link anyway. Very, very cute!

  • megj4629

    This is so perfect my lil girl is 22 months and has longer hair but poor thing is blessed with hair th grows straight down into her face so she always rocks the side ponytail on top unless we do pigtails but I have been looking for new styles so thanks so much for these is that product in her hair or water for most of them and if so what do u use

  • Sami

    Love all the hairstyles. I give my little girl dry erase markers to draw on the mirror with while I do her hair. She loves it.

  • Magic Valley Storage

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • Kim Boog

    Darling ideas! found you on pinterest. It is my personal opinion that every mom should own a topsi-tail;) i use it almost daily on my 3 year old who has shoulder lgth hair. it is my saving grace as i can not braid very well! great blog.

  • Francisco Campos

    Your hands are magical :)) Do you have any video demonstrating?

  • Jessica Kess

    how in the world do you do that with her hair? my little girl is 20 months old and she might stay there for me to put up a simple pony but as soon as im done she pulls it down, thats the part i cant get down is keeping her from pulling her hair down. oooh, it irritates me so much. then she will come over to me with her hair band and want me to put it up again, this will be an entire afternoon if i let it. but she is so darn cute i cant get mad at her. i just let her run around with her scraggly almost mullet boy hair and she is happy.

    • Lynette

      With my 12 month old I keep moving her hand away from her hair and distract her until she forgets she has a hair tie or clip in.

  • Dana M.

    These are super cute!!
    I admit, I do my girls’ hair in front of the TV with their favorite program, spray bottle of water, and toys and it’s still a fight (my counters are super small!!).
    Can’t wait to try them out!!

  • Samantha

    I agree with the commenter who says that doing their hair regularly now conditions them to sit more easily as they get older. I struggle to do my daughters hair most days of the week. She’s almost 2 and incredibly strong willed. Dora is our best distraction but even that isn’t always fail proof. Thanks for sharing these, I’m definitely going to try a couple of them on my daughter.

  • NC

    Divine! Well done πŸ™‚ I am a working Mom and am ashamed that hubby is an ace at doing her hair and I can’t. I shall use this as my secret weapon!

  • Kate Moore

    How did you get that cute little curl to stay in her straight hair in the last pic??

  • Mary Ann

    LOVE this! Thank you so much for making this post. My little girl’s hair really is crazy.

  • bri.perez

    I’ve been searching and searching for toddler girl hairstyles thank you! I will be trying them all

  • VannaBea

    These are amazing ideas! Thank you for sharing!

  • Halee

    What did you use to scrunch the hair in the last one? My lil one has some curl & I would love to try this!!!!

  • sehrgut

    If “meltdowns will happen”, why stress yourself and your child for a completely discretionary thing like a pointless hairstyle?

    • A

      meltdowns happen with even just brushing hair sometimes which is totally necessary. Meltdowns happen when you shampoo hair which is necessary. Maybe this helps kids who are like that think of their hair getting done as a treat instead of torture? I know my 2.5 year old with crazy hair still melts down for those necessary evils. Maybe it isn’t about vanity but rather teaching your kids from an early age that there are certain things that have to get done and learn to accept it?

  • Vivian Zenteno

    The hairstyles are just amazing. I’m definitely going to try them all including the other 22. But I do have to ask.. Would you be able to recommend any other method for “fly aways” without all the hair spray?? Thanks for the tips! Reagan is just beautiful and your talent is amazing =)

  • HystericalParoxysm

    Yay, thank you so much for this! My daughter’s just a bit older than a year and her hair keeps getting in her eyes. She’s too young for little clips and such, but I have about a million little rubber bands, and have been getting creative with ’em the past few days inspired by this post. Not only does it keep her hair out of her eyes, but it’s super cute, and she actually seems to really love it!

    I’m finding for us, sitting on the floor with her on my lap works better than her up on a counter, as if she drops something it doesn’t have so long to fall (a good thing when her favourite distraction is my phone set to camera mode). A bowl of cheerios or other nibbles helps too.

    To help tame flyaways and make her hair easier to manage (it’s so fine, it just wafts in the slightest breeze, like smoke!), I make my own flax seed gel and work just a tiny dab into her dampened hair. Makes it much easier to get a straight part or whatever, and it’s perfectly safe and even edible.

    • Kim Smith

      Love the idea of flax seed gel. Could I get your recipe? Thanks!

  • Cari

    You should post a video doing this on a doll so we can see how it is done. Very cute ideas, I’m just not sure how you are doing some of them.

  • RT and M

    These are some cute ideas, but I had to laugh at your last disclaimer saying that some days you just have to do a side ponytail and call it good. If I manage to comb my daughter’s hair and get a side ponytail in, I feel like it’s an above average day. But then again I’m also going to school.

  • Roxann

    I found this on Pinterest, and I’m excited to try some of them…my Rylee is 27 months and has about this much hair, but its thinner on top, so I may have a little trouble. All we ever do is a side pony, but the ides are too short to put up in them…. Love it!

  • Jen

    Thanks a bunch. Love this post. I was looking for some more inspiration. Here is a cute idea I did with my girly. French braided side clip.

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  • Megan Farmer

    I love these. My daughter has horrible cowlicks but these are some great ideas. She’s 3 and loves to look pretty. I’ll show her these pictures and she’ll be excited to try them. Thanks!

  • Alana

    I am so happy I found this! My daughter has hair just like hers. Can’t wait to try these cute styles :o)

  • Jeannette

    Food! lol We do hair during breakfast. It usually buys me a good 10 minutes to work without too much head thrashing.

  • Emilee's Mommy

    I have always wondered what else I could do with my little one’s hair (she didn’t have any more then peach fuzz until about 18 months old). But even now she refuses to leave barrettes in or even headbands (they usually end up on the supermarket floor..lol). I do have a hard time getting her to sit for even pigtails but I do plan to use your distraction ideas..thanks so much. Oh yeah…I was wondering if we are able to take pics of our little one’s hair after trying these hairstyles and posting them on your blog site? Thanks again!!

    • Emilee's Mommy

      P.S. Where did you find the poncho sweater in one of the pics above? I just LOVE it… lol

      • fashion

        I’m amazed, I must say. Rarely do I come across a blog that’s both educative and engaging, and
        let me tell you, you have hit the nail on the head.
        The issue is something which not enough folks are speaking intelligently
        about. I’m very happy I came across this in my search for something concerning this.

  • Blair

    Soo cute! But I don’t think I have the patients to do them on my 19 month old!

  • Cindy

    My Raegann will look sooo cute in these hairstyles. πŸ˜‰ thanks for sharing

  • Brooke

    I usually don’t comment on things, but I think your post is so impressively awesome. Like you, I can relate to all of the challenges you run into while trying to do your Cutie’s hair (especially the make-up bag and short attention span that cause their cute little legs to take off running or for the toilet paper quickly being unraveled off the roll and into the toilet). I am so impressed because I’ve tried to do several of the styles you mastered and failed miserably. After reading this I plan to attempt some sort of hair style in the morning (I’ll be happy even with the side pony). Any tips on how to get the little one to forget you have a now in it once you have finished to keep them from pulling all your hard work right out? Thanks for making this πŸ™‚ You are one talented mama!

    • Sadie Jane Sabin

      My little one has never been one to pull out her hair so I’m not sure what to tell ya!!! Dang it! THank you for the sweet comments!

  • Kevin

    whoah this blog is excellent i like studying your articles.

    Stay up the great work! You realize, a lot of individuals
    are hunting round for this information, you could aid them greatly.

  • Sharyn

    These were adorable and great ideas, thank you so much for sharing them! Your disclaimer section is hilarious!!

  • Carrie Ann

    Absolutely love all the different styles. My 14 month old has really fine thin hair and not much of it either so these ideas will be perfect. Thank you for your creativity. Now my little girl can be a girlie girl!

  • frusty6.myblog.de

    Hello to all, the contents existing at this website are truly awesome
    for people experience, well, keep up the good work fellows.

  • kristina

    How in the world do you french braid your daughters thin little hair!?! Ive tried over and over to french braid my 2 year old and fail miserably!

  • Jennifer

    And if your little girl is anything like mine, she’ll manage to pull it all out by the time you get to church, daycare, the store etc. All that hard work and distraction for nothing!

  • Sofie

    my 16 mo princess has the same hair like Reagan’s
    thanks for sharing all of these πŸ˜€

  • phen375 gnc

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  • Jenny

    These are so cute!!!! You are so creative and your baby is too adorable!

  • Phillip Mitchell

    Cute styles, with 4 girls all having different hair types I know exactly what you mean about learning how to do their hair. The easiest thing I have found for getting my youngest (3) to sit while I do her hair is to sit her on the counter in my bathroom with her feet in the sink, she can look in the mirror and see what I’m doing and she gets more excited about it. If she’s in a not at all cooperative mood she gets to play on my phone. I typically curl her (almost to her waist) hair every day so she’s getting use to it!

    Thanks for sharing your styles!

  • Dionna Klaassen

    Hey! I simply wish to give a huge thumbs up for the good info you may have here on this post. I can be coming back to your blog for more soon.

  • Erica

    Now to get my twins to let me just brush their hair let alone put it up even in a ponytail. Any tips on fixing a one year old toddler’s hair that screams as soon as you touch her head?

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