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While moms away!

While I complete my 2 week orientation at the new hospital I am working at my little Reagan is spending her days with my dear friend and neighbor Holly and her 2 adorable kids!
I feel so absolutely grateful to have friends like Holly who will take my little girl and treat her like her own!
So tomorrow I start another week of work…and Jeff will drop her off…
for a few more exciting days of all this!!

She is obsessed with her new little friends!
Apparently she ohhhs and ahhhs when Jeff pulls into their driveway…
she even shuts the door on him!
I have a feeling this little brother couldn’t have come at a better time…she is in desperate need of a friend!
I will seriously be in debt to Holly for forever for doing this for me!
I feel so blessed!
Here’s to happy children and great friends!!!

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  • The Daily Brielle Lee

    So cute! Awe I am so excited for you guys! Babies are the best. I seriously can’t wait to have a bunch of kiddlings running around the house!

  • Liza

    my heart…

  • Megan

    She looks like she’s having a blast! Lucky girl 🙂

  • Exuberant Chaos

    Was that your Announcement that it was a boy!!! or did I miss that somewhere else?!!! I’m so excited for you both!!!

  • Christi Lynn

    those pictures just melted my heart! how cute!

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