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When a pregnant women asks for garbage bags…

from her sweet brother that is coming to see her…
he’ll (OF COURSE) ask if she needs anything else!
At first she’ll think…no…I don’t need anything…
and then she’ll think harder!
She’ll remember that she REALLY wanted so fresh orange juice…
and that avocados have been on her mind for a few days now…
AND that she wanted something sweet…
so she’ll jokingly write a text to her brother that says she wanted orange juice, pull and peel and avocados…
but because he’s sweet and knows that even though I don’t NEED them…
this pregnant momma could use them to make her day that much sweeter!
SO thanks little bro for making my day!
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  • Bon Bon

    classic:-) gotta milk that pregnancy for all it’s worth! xoxo

  • Jennifer

    Aww that’s sweet!

  • US

    caleb is seriously the best! this makes me miss you guys so much

  • fitsgreaterthanskinny

    Hey Dane Woodhouse told me to check out your blog…looks like you have a lot of fun stuff can’t wait to read more!

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