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My PREGNANCY fitness journey!! – fitness

Well…I’m 21 weeks people…
This pregnancy has been SO different…not only cause it’s a BOY this time, and I’m eating healthier and I’m chasing a toddler around…but because I have been doing some serious CROSSFITTING.
My first trimester I was still really sick…but even if my morning started with a dash to the bathroom…I literally FORCED myself to go to the gym that night.
It was quite the journey for a while but has so far PAID OFF!
Even now that I feel GREAT I have to force myself to go to the gym…
it’s amazing what excuses your mind comes up with!
I have some serious self-conscious issues while I’m pregnant…and going to the gym bouncing up and down while I try to jump rope and lift my ever growing belly up for a pull-up doesn’t make things much better!
but then I noticed something…the minute I stepped into that gym I felt empowered as a pregnant women!
OK that sounds really cheesy but it’s amazing how great I feel after such an intense workout!
What I’m trying to say is I KNOW how hard it is to get out there and workout when you feel like a whale!!!…but I promise it’s worth it!
AND plus if people are looking at you and your big belly…their just thinking how AWESOME you are for working out with 20 extra pounds on board!
If your pregnant out there in blog land and find yourself having a rough pregnancy…with emotional ups and downs…it’s AMAZING what getting your heart racing will do for you!
I’m NOT saying you should jump in your car and start Crossfit today…but even just a walk outside, or a simple water aerobics class would do WONDERS for you, your family and the people around you.
Remember that exercise releases endorphins…happy feeling endorphins!
AND us pregnant ladies need as many happy feeling endorphins as we can get!
If you live in the frozen tundra and you don’t want to spend money for a gym membership…
try simple workouts in your home like…
doing a lifting circuit with cans of food…
OR (one of my favorite home workouts) steal your husbands phone and have a fun chasing party with him! (actually this JUST happened last night with us…except it involved cookie dough and one selfish momma!)
Not only are you totally worn out after but you just laughed your heart out…which last time I checked was really good for you too!
Some other things…
Get all bundled up and walk to your mailbox!
Have a dance party!
Clean your baseboards!
Push ups and leg raises while watching Ellen!
AND some other things that involve your husband…
WHATEVER you do…do it with a smile on your face and a positive attitude in your heart!
I promise your days will get better!
Since I have been doing Crossfit throughout this pregnancy…I am 10 pounds less than when I was 21 weeks along with Reagan!
I feel great and often forget that I’m pregnant!
Thank you crossfit for doing that!
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  • Jennifer

    I’m trying to get pregnant and started doing treadclimber and weights about a month ago so that when I get pregnant I can keep it up and feel good! You inspire me.

  • erica[goodjobmomma]

    you are amazing!!

    do you wear any support bands or anything while working out?? just wanted to know if you do and if it helps any.

  • Melinda

    This is so awesome Sadie, this is such a great reminder.

  • Jefferson and Karalee

    Sadie, you look so good! You go girl! Thats awesome that your keeping up with crossfit!

  • Nicole

    im going to check out crossfit this week. im pretty sure i will sweat, cry, vomit AND pass out. but it will be worth it.

  • Sharon

    Wow Big congrats!! Great encouragment, I am right now 16 weeks and have benn having a hard time and your post hit the spot!! Thanks!

  • The Dark Family

    Wooohooo! -referring to it being a boy. That’s exciting! I can’t wait to see how cute of a boy you guys make. And way to go on your exercising! You are truly amazing!

  • Jen Nelson

    How fun to be having a boy too! I have also exercised consistently through my pregnancy and I am glad I have done so. A little exercise actually helps to boost my energy and it will be easier to get back into shape after pregnancy too.

  • Matoya

    I know that this may be a foolish question but with so many old wives tales I don’t know what to believe….Im sure it isn’t true because your precious bundle is in this world but…..why do they say not to put your arms above your heart when you are pregnant??

    • sadie

      I have never heard that. They only thing that I have heard is to make sure to only keep your workout regimen the same as it was before you got pregnant!! I hope that helped a bit! Also, listen to your body!

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