Jeff and I have been wanting to add a few extra touches to our home since we bought it last December!
After we painted every flippin’ square inch of that place (with some MAJOR help from our family) we took a little break.
Or at least Jeff did…I continued to dress the house with little pieces of discounted goodness and still continue to change and decorate! 
(I blame that on my amazing mother…she is always changing the decorations in her house around!)
ANYWAYS…we decided that since we have a new baby on the way we better got on the DIY furniture bandwagon!
SO…we started with the LOCKERS for our mudroom!!!
We have quite a few things on our to-do list…but my husband put this baby together over the weekend!!
We LOVE the ANA-WHITE.COM website and I made sure to show Jeff!
Before we started this furniture making journey I will admit…I was skeptical…I knew Jeff had talent but I really wanted the stuff to look LEGIT!…because I am a little controlling and high maintenance! 
I just wanted to make sure he used the plans for the projects so everything would come out the way it was suppose to…WELL he BLEW me out of the water!! 
OF COURSE…like always.
While he was making it I sat with him in the garage and specifically asked…
“Are you using plans for that website?”
“No!” He said with a smile on his face…I am making a ‘custom’ design for our mudroom.
Yeah…I got nervous again…
especially when I found THIS piece of paper on the work table…
THIS is what he was going off of…
I was totally confused but decided to let him do his thing!
 So he continued to cut the wood and work hard in our freezing garage with his intense hat!
Starting to look pretty good!

Everything in placed and nailed and glued…
now for my job!
and after 2 thick coats…
and after Jeff HEAVED it over to the corner…
…with the help of Reagan…
oh and me cleaning and organizing and putting everything together…
I absolutely LOVE it!
It makes our mudroom feel SO MUCH more organized and clean!
It’s still not ‘officially’ done.
Jeff is making a big drawer for the bottom…right where Reagan is standing.
BUT to say the least I am VERY impressed with my husband and his ‘custom made’ design! 
I asked if he could write up officially plans for my blog so I could post them for you all to copy and use in your homes but he said he didn’t have a program for it on the computer…so maybe you can interpret his chicken scratch…maybe!
Thanks again baby for making this for our humble home!
MORE projects coming soon…
stay tuned!!
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  • Devry and Chelsey Hymas

    I LOVE it! I need and have been wanting “lockers” in my mud room for 4 years…maybe you could send your hubby my way to make me some 🙂 haha they look awesome! He is talented!

  • Sarah Nicole

    Nice job! They look great. And thanks for the link. That will definitely be useful for some of our own house projects 🙂

  • Reply

    What a great job you both did on this project! I’ve been eying these lockers for a while and are on my honey to do list 🙂 Love your wall color and paint job in the room also.

  • Meagan

    Impressive!!! Go jeff!!!

  • Vicki Sabin

    A+!! Proud of you Jeff and Sadie. Good job. I trained you well… 🙂

  • Carrie

    Thanks for sharing your how to! Pinned and your newest GFC follower. Can’t wait to have this printed and placed on the table for hubby to see what he’ll be tackling this weekend. 🙂

  • Veronika

    Wow! Looks great! Love your wall too 🙂
    Stopping by from BMM

  • Ramblings of a Redhead

    That is serious talent. WOW! And congrats on a BOY!!!!!!!!

  • Lily

    Nice job! They look great! Im so inspired to fix mine 🙂

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