THE TOP 10 AND 1/2 READS OF 2011

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THE TOP 10 AND 1/2 READS OF 2011

Since the year is ending and I am feeling very nostalgic I thought we’d take a little trip down memory lane.
{and because I couldn’t do JUST 10…and added one more}

This year has truly been an amazing whirlwind!
It was about May when I started doing this blog for ALL OF YOU and not just my family.
AND THAT was one of the BEST DECISIONS of the year!
I am so grateful and blessed to have all my readers in my life…and I’m grateful to ALL of those blogs out there that inspire me to open my mind and challenge my ways!
YEP…I have A LOT to be grateful for…
now HERE’S to 2012…
it’s gonna be another GREAT YEAR!
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  • Brielle Lee

    I just love your blog by the way… Seriously you are one of the cutest girls ever! You inspired me to start my blog, I just hope one day I will be as awesome as you! (highly doubtful) A girl can dream right? haha


  • Shar @ Thrifty Bliss

    Peace Out MMH! That was my favorite post on the list and I absolutely LOVE your bedroom decor!

    xo -S

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