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 VAN 1!

 It’s a MUST to decorate your van for the race!
My brother-in-laws dad is a physical therapist so our name was IT’S THERAPY!

 Helping out my sister along the way!

 One of the hills I ran up!

(notice all the dust we were eating from all the vans)
 Last pass-off! 
Don’t mind the ghetto-booty…
 ugh…I could never slap that stupid bracelet on right!
 Got it!
 Notice all the dust…
 My eyelash extensions were DONE FOR!
 I swear to you the feeling of finishing that race was like delivery my baby!
Felt AMAZING to be done!
My total miles: 17 (I think…it may have been 18…I’ve forgotten now!)
Last time I did this race I trained for 6 weeks and Reagan was 3 months old…I thought that was hard…
now that I have ran a Ragnar pregnant I know what hard is!!
Between the heat and shortness of breathe and cramping it wasn’t necessarily the BEST time of my life.
BUT the people made up for it!
I tagged along with my sister’s husbands family!
We all became great friends along the way.
Although it was really tough I would do it again in a heartbeat!
We finished 188 miles in 29 hours…50 minutes and 01 seconds.
We ranked team 114 out of 475!
Finishing in the top 20%
To watch a play by play video of the race and our team...CLICK HERE!
Love you all!!
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  • Jefferson and Karalee

    How fun! One day i’ll build up the strength and endurance to try one! You guys placed really good thats awesome!

  • Ashley

    That is amazing! I would be thrilled to even finish it all, but to finish it in the top 20% that is awesome!

  • Heidi

    Way to go girl!! You are amazing!!

  • The LurkFam

    You go Sadie girl! I don’t know what kind of shoes you wear but RunTones from Reebok have changed my life. Get the Primes and you will forever love the goodness your feet will be wrapped in.

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