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It’s happening…

No…not the nausea…that’s been going on for umm…let’s see…10 weeks now…
but the BUMP is starting to reveal itself!
Oh…I’m almost 13 weeks.
Earlier this time then with little Reagan…and although I am still going to Crossfit at least 3 times a week…yep you heard me right.
I roll myself off the couch…throw on my sweats and pretend like I don’t feel like I’m riding on a roller coster with a full stomach…alas Crossfit has kept me in my same jeans (for now).
This pregnancy has already been so different in so many ways…and I have learned a lot!
Take the next three pictures for examples…suddenly having a little toddler running around makes documenting my ever growing bump so much harder!
 Don’t notice the fingerprints…
notice the goodness of all her many faces!!
Just like her momma!
 My goodness…you get the idea right!?
 Did you notice the shirt?
From DOWNEAST of course!
It’s from their Breast Cancer Awareness Collection!
They raised $25,000 towards to cause…read more about it below!!
DownEast Home & Clothing Kicks Off “Live for Pink” Campaign
 Retailer Renews Pledge to Needs Beyond Medicine, Which Supports
Cancer Education and Provides Financial Assistance for Patients, Families
 SALT LAKE CITY (September 20, 2011) – High-style, low-price retailer DownEast Home & Clothing has announced the successful kick-off of its fourth annual “LIVE for Pink” sales event. Through October 16, 2011, customers can purchase special limited edition “LIVE for Pink” tees and DownEast will donate 50 percent of the sales – up to $25,000 – to Needs Beyond Medicine, a Utah-based organization that provides cancer education, access to screening and financial support for cancer patients.
 Through its previous “LIVE for Pink” events in 2008, 2009 and 2010, DownEast has raised over $63,000 in honor of National Breast Cancer Awareness Month. The “LIVE for Pink” 2011 event officially began on September 12 and the company has already seen a significant response from customers – both in stores and online.
 “In the first week alone, we’ve seen a very promising uptick in sales of the limited edition tees, which is exciting since we still have another several weeks in the campaign to go,” said Klane Murphy, CEO of DownEast. “Each year, we’ve been touched by the enthusiastic support of our customers.”
 DownEast and its staff proactively support a variety of philanthropic causes year-round. Supporting breast cancer awareness is an especially important cause given its direct impact on the people behind DownEast and their families. Breast cancer survivors within the DownEast family include Llilli Murphy, wife of CEO Klane Murphy, and Claire Freedman, mother of company founders Jonathan, Bill and Charlie Freedman.
 This past August, DownEast held a special “LIVE for Pink” photo shoot featuring 12 women whose lives were in some way touched by breast cancer. The women selected for the photo shoot responded to DownEast’s first-ever open casting call for the campaign by writing a brief essay on how they were impacted by the disease. According to Candy Friedli, director of Apparel for DownEast, “We received an amazing response from women of all backgrounds. One of the hardest – and most gratifying – things I’ve ever had to do in my job was to choose the finalists for the photo shoot. There were so many inspiring entries.”
 A peek behind the photo shoot and a snapshot into the featured women’s stories are available on the DownEast By Design blog. Throughout the month of September, the blog will continue to showcase their essays to help put a face with the disease.
 Several DownEast staff members will also participate in other activities during National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, including the second annual Pink Half Marathon, which will take place in Park City, Utah, on Oct. 8.
 For more information about Needs Beyond Medicine, please visit Or, follow the organization on Twitter and Facebook.
(all these beautiful women below have been directly impacted from breast cancer or know someone that has been.) 
 Although Breast Cancer Awareness Month is over…I am so glad I am able to have a piece of clothing that can remind me to pray for all the people that fall victim to breast cancer!
Wanna hear another amazing thing DOWNEAST has going on right now!?!…
They are throwing a HUGE 500 dollar sweepstakes for the HOLIDAY SEASON!
You could win a $500 gift card for home decor items to spruce up your house this Christmas!!
The winner of the prize can select a gift card that is redeemable for home accessories sold online at from anywhere in the U.S. Or, if the winner lives nearby a DownEast Home & Clothing store (in Utah or Idaho – all locations listed here:, an in-store gift card can also be provided.
ALL YOU HAVE TO DO is “LIKE” the DownEast Home Sweepstakes page to enter!

Back to the baby goodness…I wanted to be sure to add a little something in this post before I signed off tonight!
You see…pregnancy hasn’t always been the easiest road for me…
but not the hardest either…
working in L&D really gave me a new perspective to pregnancy and all things surrounding it!
I never realized how difficult it is for some women to get pregnant…and how many women face that challenge!
I look up to those women everyday…because I would not be strong enough to struggle with that trial in my life.

So…although I am sick…I am very grateful, humbled and blessed for the opportunity I have to carry a baby again!
I will take 100’s of sick days for these precious gifts!
I have the sudden urge for Sour Patch Kids and Pickles…oh dear…such a cliche!


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  • Yummy Mummy

    Awww, so cute! Those are such special times. Not the nausea part though. That should be going away soon and is a good sign of a strong growing baby.

  • Sommer

    Well I don’t what rock I just crawled out from under from holy smokes, congrats! I didn’t know you were expecting again!

    And just a heads a up… you show earlier with each pregnancy. It’s like each baby stretches those muscles out more and more and they will just never get tight again. Oh how I love what my children have done to my body lol. Thank goodness for crossfit!

  • Annie

    I’m expecting baby #3. Our due dates must be really close. I’m due June 9th, you? Good luck!

  • Sarah Nicole

    Congrats!! I’m showing much earlier and much more the second time around too. Guess it goes with the territory. This pregnancy also seems to be flying by a lot faster! It helps to be distracted by a little one 🙂

  • amanda

    you rock that bump so well!

  • Meagan

    Cute bump!!! Reagan is so stinking cute!

  • McKay & Carlee Francis

    YAY! I am so excited for you. I love the picture with Reagan and her stomach standing next to you:) Are we going to be seeing you at MMH or have your switched to IF? Hope you are doing well!

  • {Stevilynn Tom}

    Let me say how proud I am of you for sticking with crossfit!!! And your bump is so cute. I hope that the nausea gets better. We love you!!!! 🙂

  • Ramblings of a Redhead

    Congrats again. YOu make one cute pregnant lady!!!

  • Shannon

    So cute! Love your little babe’s belly in the first pic. 🙂

  • Karri

    you have such a beautiful tiny pregnant belly! (oh what i would not do to be pregnant again)
    enjoy and savor every moment of it.

  • Dusty and Mel

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  • B

    so fun just started reading your blog and saw this post! One of my great friends Alex is in the picture! She’s the one sitting on the floor! 🙂

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