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This year was UNLIKE any other year! 
Jeff and I decided to take an adventure to California to spend some time with my sisters and their kids!

Since they both have little girls it was a perfect plan…especially for Reagan.

*LOTS of fun pictures from our trip coming soon…BUT let’s start with Halloween*
I would LIKE to introduce you to the 3 LITTLE PIGS!
From right to left…Reagan…Finley…Hazel
OH and Finley’s bigger brother was a KNIGHT!

 the whole gang
 We visited my sister Liza at her work on Halloween…she was an ANT!
 It was SO fun trick-or-treating house to house!!
Growing up I had to ride in a car to all the houses I went to…and I had to wear layers and layers of clothes!…thank you Idaho.
I just might come to California every year.

 Feeding from the trough!

It was a GREAT Halloween!
Hope you had a great one too.

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