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Getting back to the swing of things…

Healing happens one day at a time…
and since healing is happening I thought I would post about California.
I mean I was there for two weeks!

Packed cars. Crossfit workouts. Ragnar races. Late nights. Long nights. Packed house. Santa Ana winds. In-N-out. Chick-fil-a. Pink Berry. H&M. Forever 21. Anthro. Victoria Gardens. Nausea. Busting belly. Skinny jeans. Colds. Sharing toys. Beach drives. Homeless looking beach goers. Pizza parlors. Drunk thumbs-up. You break it or buy it. Halloween candy. Using my child to get me some Halloween candy. Toy sharing. Toy stealing. 75 degree weather. Waterfall hikes. Beverly Hill drive. My mom’s old house in LA. Precious time with my sisters and their kids. Time with my husband. A great vacation.
It’s weird to think that this all happened before our families world turned upside down but it feels good to look back on some recent good times.
Today is a good day.
Hope you all have a great day as well.
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  • Jennifer

    Sandy baby beach pics, to cute!

  • Karri

    I hope you are ok, Sadie. Hugs to you!

    It looks like a splendid vacation. Love the photos 🙂

  • Morland Brawner

    Is it odd that I look at those beach pictures, see the pier and no you were here in my town! ANC am super bummed I didn’t get to hang out with you! Lol cuz I feel like were be sties, even though we’ve never meant! Lol looms like a great trip!

  • Sommer

    You have an incredible looking family there miss sadie! What a fun trip. And you are looking just fab my dear. I remember the last time I was on rodeo drive I was 18!! OMG where did the time go? I’m so old.

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