WHAT I WORE…over the weekend!

We have been up in Washington this weekend for the Sabin Family Reunion!
Before the {recap of the weekend} post…let’s check out some of my outfits…
 {Blazer: Panache, Shell: DownEast, Belt: Dillards, Skirt: Target, Socks: Target, Boots: Dillards}
 {Cardigan: Target, Shirt: TJ Maxx, Shorts: thrifted pant-cut offs, Shoes: Target}
 {Cardigan: Buckle, Shirt: Shade clothing, Watch: Dillards, Belt: DownEast, Pants: ROSS, Boots: Dillards}
I have to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU to ALL of my friends and readers for your love and words towards my {most recent} nasty comment! 
I am VERY AWARE that I am NOT a size 0 but I didn’t know MY size 4-6 was considered PLUS SIZE! 
So…if you don’t want to see pictures of me in my skinny jeans you are OUT OF LUCK…I’m gonna take pictures of them anyways…
my hot husband LLOOOVVVVEESSS them {yes I sang that}
remember…I grew up on a farm…I am NOT afraid to get dirty and throw some punches!!
MUCH LOVE…much love!
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  • Bryan and Stevilynn Tom

    Girl they are just jealous of your sexy jeans and your life! Head up & keep smiling! Xo

  • Brooklyn McKenna

    Someone called you plus size?? What the?? HEEECKK NO. You are perfect! We are like the same size and I love seeing that a girl doesn’t have to be super thin to look like a mega babe! Love your outfits and hair! Curves are hot! You are amazing.

  • Anonymous

    I had a religious question but it got deleted somehow. I wanted to know the reason behind your Mormonism. Mormons don’t believe that murder can be forgiven. God forgives all! It’s stated multiple times in The Holy Bible. The only sin that can’t under any circumstances be forgiven is the blasphemy of the Holy Spirit. Black people weren’t granted priesthood until 1978. Did God all of a sudden change his mind about blacks in 1978?! Mormons practiced polygamy because they claimed that God “commanded it” but now they no longer practice it. Many mormons still practice it today. Polygamy is wrong! A guy just went to jail for that the other day and yes, he was a member of the Latter Day Saints. Why are you a mormon? What is your reasoning? What is your opinion on the things states above and also on how the mormon religion came about, it’s not as established as oh let’s say every other religion.

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog & reading it helps me throughout my day! You’ve encouraged me in many ways that I can’t explain. To the post above me: visit Mormon.org you will find many explanations for your questions there. I am lds & you can be forgiven for murder, you are only in trouble when you deny Christ as your savior. Black people were not given the authority to hold the priesthood due to back beliefs of our religion between the Nephites & Lamenites. It’s all a deep story, that if you read the Book of Mormon could give an insite. The man that was just put in prison used to be lds, we as a religion don’t practice polygamy anymore. He has branched off into his own religion with lds beliefs, but it is not part of the church. I know it all reads strangely as I’m typing this on my iPhone, & it’s hard enough to do anything on this phone anyways, but like I said, please visit Mormon.org you can read people’s testimonys from around the world & learn what we believe in & why this religion brings so much happiness, joy, love, & comfort into our lives.
    Sorry so long, but once again, love the blog & lovin’ my fellow idaho girl! :)

  • Anonymous

    LOVE YOUR BLOG!! Could you do a tutorial on the last hairdo? Love that! I am also LDS…so to the above post I agree with you. Visit mormon.org it’s a wonderful site that shares more about our religion. It’s the real truth about the church. :)

  • Modern Wivelyhood

    Sadie, you are amazing! I’ve been following your blog since the awesome master bedroom redo and I have loved every post! I feel horrible whenever I see that a negative comment has been posted on here. I don’t understand it! Right after I left you a comment, you came and followed me back and I was so excited because you were so sweet! If I lived in Idaho, I’d probably be begging to be your friend and set my little man up with Reagan & she could be buddies with my little girl. Seriously, you are amazing, you are tiny and I love your skinny jeans! Plus, your hubby loves them and that’s all that matters! Sorry for the long comment, I just feel so bad when I see that there has been a negative comment to you. Have an awesome weekend!

  • Sadie Jane

    Anonymous #1,
    The other anonymous (#2) stated everything wonderfully! I LOVE lds.org and that site will answer all your questions! I will say this…I am so grateful for the Atonement of Jesus Christ. I know that there is a God and that Jesus suffered for our sins so that we could live with him again! I am so grateful that I am a Christian and that I know who I am (a daughter of God) AND I know my purpose here on the earth! I would LOVE to talk to you more about my religion via email!
    Sadie Jane

  • Kayla and Andrew

    You are too cute! I love each and every one of your outfits above, especially the gray jacket with lace pocket. SO DANG CUTE! Also–ignore the negative comments. You are definitely NOT plus sized; you are beautiful.

    Just to warn you, this comment is long but I wanted to help answer the questions:

    And to the anonymous comment above, I too am a member of the LDS church, also known as Mormons, and I thought I’d help answer some of your questions:
    -To answer your question about “murder not being a forgivable sin”: All sins can be forgiven through the atonement of Jesus Christ. Heavenly Father is a God of law and order. A law in Heaven is that justice can’t rob mercy, as illustrated in the parable taught by Christ about the creditor and the debtor. In the case of severe sins, such as murder, rape, incest, etc. there must be severe repentance and reconciliation. Every circumstance is different; it is not cut and dry. Some may murder out of anger or insanity, others murder out of jealousy and greed… only God knows the hearts and intentions of those people. He will be the one to judge them, not us. No matter the sin, we should forgive and let God give the justice and mercy.
    -To answer your questions about black people in the priesthood: Throughout the history of man, God has given his authority to act in his name at different times to different people, such as in the case of the Jews during the days of Jesus. Why is it that Jesus Christ only is recorded in the Bible teaching the Jews in Israel and not in other areas? It is because God chooses when and where he gives his priesthood authority. In 1978, the Lord revealed that all worthy males can hold his holy priesthood. Anyone who lived and died before this time will be given a opportunity to receive this blessing.
    -To answer your questions about polygamy: Plural marriage is all about timing, just like procreation. God commanded Adam and Eve to multiply and replenish the Earth, but only after they had been married. Before marriage, sex is a sin but after is a blessing. In the case of taking lives, God helped David stone Goliath but punished Cain for killing Able. As you can see, when God gives us commandments we follow them according to his direction and in his timing. Just as Abraham, Jacob, Issac, and many other Prophets had multiple wives and were righteous, God commanded that members of the LDS church practice plural marriage. However, in the 1890s, the Lord commanded us to end the practice of plural marriage. Anyone who practices plural marriage today is not following God’s commandments and is not a member of the LDS church.
    -To your questions about the LDS religion being as established as every other religion: When Christ was on the Earth he established a church, not a building of brick and stone, but a church of God. He called apostles, seventies, priests, and teachers to help in the work of the salvation of mankind. After his resurrection, Christ didn’t leave us alone, there were apostles and prophets. However, due to severe persecution, many were killed and Christ’s church and doctrines were changed. People tried to piece back together Christ’s church, but Pagan beliefs and opinions of man got mixed in. The priesthood and the plain and precious truths were lost. Each church upon the Earth built upon parts of Christ’s church, but none had the fullness. That is why we have so many different denominations and doctrines upon the Earth today. God needed to restore his true church upon the Earth with apostles, prophets, pastors, teachers, Evangelists and so forth. The church was restored upon the Earth on April 6, 1830 by the Prophet Joseph Smith, who was called of God. Today the LDS church has all the principles and doctrines of Christ’s church.

  • Kayla and Andrew

    Also, I know you weren’t asking me, but I am LDS because I have a strong testimony that the church is true. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and sent his son to atone for our sins so that we can return to live in Heaven again. I know that if I keep the commandments I will be with my family forever. I have found happiness and peace as I have obeyed Heavenly Father’s commandments. I know that the Bible and the Book of Mormon are true and that we are counseled on the Earth today. I know that we can talk to Heavenly Father through prayer and that he answers our prayers daily. I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to return to live with him again.

    I am so grateful for the knowledge I have of the gospel. I am grateful that I get to learn more about the gospel each and every day. I am grateful for my Heavenly Father. I am grateful for the spirit I feel and for the chances I have to share the gospel with others. I don’t know what I would do without the gospel in my life and am so grateful for the impact it has on me.

    If you have more questions, please feel free to ask or reference mormon.org. I hope I was able to answer some of your questions.

  • Leslie

    I can’t believe someone called you plus size. You are seriously gorgeous! Love your outfits, you definitely rock them! People will always hate. Don’t ever believe the rude comments. I love your blog!

    I was reading the comments and saw anonymous #1 comment. To that I would like to say that I am too a “mormon”. I saw that you said that one of our people was sent to prison a couple days ago. I just thought that I should clarify that Warren Jeffs (because I think that is who you were talking about) is FLDS which is the Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ Of Latter-Day Saint. He is not a part of our religion. Mormons are LDS Which is The Church Of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The FLDS religion broke off of the mormon (LDS) religion and became their own sect when the Mormon (LDS) church stopped polygamy just like Kayla was saying. Anyone practicing polygamy is not a part of the LDS church.

    I got a lot of questions like this when I worked at an LDS book store.

  • Meagan

    Cute post!! Love ya girl!

  • Lisa

    As usual, I think you’re fabulous too! In fact, I know you said your skinny jeans are from ROSS, but what specific brand are they? I love em and have a heck of a time finding cute ones that aren’t $150 a pair!

  • Cortney

    so i have lost sleep over the comment about sadies size/potential modeling career, and i need my sleep!i feel like i would never comment usually but i feel like my hand has been forced! i would normally (and did) tell her that she looks awesome, is strong as hell, and is a fantastic person, so dont let it get to her. i know her personally, not over a computer screen, and whoever would say such a thing is missing out, she really is tiny in real life. and shes real, and adventurous, and has come through a lot of things that many people would have let break them. let me put it this way… i learned a few things from my years on a cheerleading squad…1.those short shorts will get ya free nachos at the concession stand just about everytime
    2.i never want to live w/ 15 other girls
    3. your toe touch can never be too high :)
    4. when a woman no longer feels like she has legitimate or significant arguments against a woman she finds intimidating or disagrees w/ she resorts to jabs (may want to call them cheap shots or digs) on her personal appearance.
    this is very true and sad. whether this individual is anti-mormon or curious thats on them, not on sadie. a conversation about her beliefs is cool, taking a jab on her appearance nullifies any potential conversation i would be willing to have about religion or anything else. (for me at least, sadie is a bigger person than me though) i expect an apology is called for, i also assume that it has a small part if not all to do with her relgious affiliation, simply put if you dont like what she stands for dont read her blog, but seriously lay off my friend. she doesnt deserve to be insulted.

  • Annie

    Someone said you were plus size???? Seriously? That’s ridiculous! I love your blog, your posts and your style! Keep doing what you’re doing! I would love a couple more hair tutorials on that cute styles you’re sportin’!

  • Nessa

    You rock Sadie and I get excited when there is a new post to read! People get catty when they are jealous and you have a lot to envy – so no worries.

    I am going to make an effort to comment more – I read on my phone a lot because it is with me – but it makes it hard to comment. Just figured out the “star” feature so I can come back and leave my thoughts.


  • Denissa

    WHAT the heck? PLUS SIZE?? I don’t think that I will ever understand the nasty comments people feel compelled to leave. There are just unhappy people out there that I guess want to tear other people down with them..
    I too wear skinny jeans 😉 and are you ready?? I’m a size 8! GASP!!!
    Keep rocking em’ girl! :) love your blog and your realness you share with us..
    Oh, LOVE your hair in the last photo, so cute! Maybe you can share a tutorial?

  • Austin & Aubree Egbert

    You have such cute style!! 😀 I love reading your blog… and you are most definitely not a plus size!! Obviously that person is just wishing they were you, so they are trying to make themself feel better! haha. You go girl!! haha. :)

  • Quincy

    I think you ROCK those skinny jeans :) If you are plus size then I don’t even want to know what I am! Don’t let them bring you down!

  • the h fam.

    haha plus size?! that’s ridiculous! send he/she over to my blog, i’m about to have a baby any day and i’m plus size!! they can do the comparisons! some people’s kids!

  • Kendall

    LOVE how u deal with the neg. Since I came across your blog through Sew craft Creat, I think. (it has been a while) You put a smile on my face with every post!!! I do laugh alot too!!! You go girl!!!

    As for a plus size, I don’t think soo!!!
    Love your blog, kendall oxox

  • Brittany

    Sadie- I cannot believe someone called you plus sized! Where is the comment, I wanna read it and knock some teeth out with you! I love you & think you’re absolutely GORGEOUS!!! Shut your yappers all you haters out there! (i bet the commenter was bigger than a size 4-6 and has a complex)

  • Maria A.

    I have been following this blog for awhile now because I like what Sadie writes about. Sadie, I think your blog rocks and you and your family are so sweet!(and I do not know you personally) To the stupid anonymous people who keep making negative comments…STOP! Who cares if Sadie is Morman! It does not effect you nor the blog! Stop reading it if it bothers you. Every time you leave a stupid bias comment, I have to see it and I have no patience for this slander. I am NOT Morman however, I do believe that people have the right to have their beliefs. (as you-stupid anonymous slanderer have the right to your beliefs as well…however please leave your comments on your own blog. If you do not have one-GET ONE!) Sadie-you keep doing what you are doing. You are a great blogger!

    Ree from CT

  • Brittany Deaton

    Sadie- I seriously CANNOT believe that someone had the nerve to call you “plus size”!!! Over the internet or not, it’s still awful and an extremely low blow. You are gorgeous, inspiring, talented, you have a husband and daughter that ADORE you! Not to mention tthe thousands of readers of your blog who support you!

    Please don’t take that awful comment to heart. From my own personal experience with comments such as this one, along with other awful ones, I know its hard not to take it to heart, and I am sure everyone else who has posted on this has made it known how amazing you are..I know for me its just difficult to not focus on the negativity. But you are better than that!

    To the person who left such a nasty comment: Who are you to make such a comment on such a wonderful person’s blog?! Lets put our big girl panties on and act like a grown woman already! A GROWN WOMAN wouldn’t take such a cheap shot at another woman. A GROWN WOMAN wouldn’t leave petty comments anonymously trying to tear someone down like that!


    There is no need for petty comments such as yours. If you are unhappy with the way your own body looks like, workout! Don’t try and belittle someone else for your own short-comings. Its cruel and not necessary.

    As I mentioned above, lets put our big girl panties on and act like a GROWN WOMAN!!!

  • Ramblings of a Redhead

    a plus size model?! Oh my. Well, I missed all that somehow, but I’m sorry to hear that. I hope it didn’t phase you at all. It shouldn’t. Clearly, whoever made that comment is the one with a body image issue. If they consider you PLUS SIZE, how do they view other women bigger than you? How does she view herself? That’s a sad thought. When people get jealous, the easiest jab is at our physical appearances. I hope it rolled off your back and that you had a good laugh at how HUGE you are 😉 ps. if you’re plus size…um…I would be like XXXL! Awesome!

  • Chivis

    I love your blog, I´m a recent fan, but I love it. You are a great lady, have a wonderful family. And you are so gorgeous and beauty, you are a child of God.That is the ony thing that it is important.

  • Jefferson and Karalee

    When I read that someone said you were a plus size i seriously went a little crazy! You are pure freaking muscle! You do Crossfit, run, chase after a child! Just because us country girls eat fair food and eat what we want but work it off doesn’t mean were plus size! You are by no means even close to plus size! I really wish I knew who said that, I’ll knock em out with ya! I think your the greatest! You are super nurse, super exerciser, super crafter, and super mom! Dont let any one say different! cyber bullies, ugh grow up! Love ya Sadie!

  • *Christina*

    Yeah, you’re totally plus size.

    Compared to a toddler. :)

    You’re gorgeous. Forget anyone who says otherwise!

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