OH the things that need to be done!!
I always am AMAZED at how packed and busy Summer is…
but then Fall comes and I swear to you I am a crazy women…
for real…at least around here I think people are frantically running around trying to get everything done before the snow starts to fly!

And in IDAHO…that could happen ANYTIME!

As for me…I am just trying to stay on top of everything!

This weekend is the HARVEST FEST at Taylor Crossing in Idaho Falls…and OF COURSE I will be there with my vintage frames, furniture, decor and MORE!

hence the spray paint…
I think I have lost 100 brain cells today
 OH…and I’m getting Halloween ready!
Don’t hate!
I’m just trying to be on top of things…even if I am a little early!
 Oh Dollar Store pumpkins…how I love you!
I CAN’T believe I forgot to show you all my AMAZING curtains I FINALLY finished! 
 Hooks: ROSS
 Curtain Rod: ROSS
 I finished a sweet custom order this week too!!
I love making these Rosette Lamp Shades!
I am totally doing this!
CHECK OUT {HERE} to get the printable!
Fall has come and I hope it never leaves!
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  • jamie @ [kreyv]

    Ohhh, I love that checklist. I might just do that myself! Thanks for sharing!

  • Brittany

    Ooo… I want to do that Fall Bucket List too. (minus drink fancy coffee. I’ll change that to drink fancy hot cocoa)! Good luck at the Harvest Fest!

  • Chrissy Farnan

    Do you have a link for the fall to do list printable? So fun!!

  • Megan Wynn Volnoff

    Re-posting that cute list over on my blog :)

  • Tyson and Jacquelin

    I love the curtains and I totally want to do that checklist too!

  • Ronni

    Reposting that adorable list at!! 😀

  • Katie @ Loves of Life

    Hi :) maker of that fall bucket list you have up there! So glad you like it! It would be really nice if you wouldn’t mind sourcing it back to where it came from so more people could have access to the bucket list printable version. I appreciate it, thanks.

  • Sadie Jane

    HEY!! Thanks so much for adding this list!! I added it to the post!! I found it on pinterest and completely spaced it when I added it…!! So thanks so much! XOXO

  • Lourdes

    Pretty! This has been an incredibly wonderful article.
    Thank you for supplying this info.

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