The other day I had A LOT going on…
and ALTHOUGH much of my day was filled with enjoyable things…
there was definitely one little part of my day that was the best!
I had Crossfit at 5:30 AM and did 100 kettle bell swings and ran a mile and a half…
that WASN’T the best part of the day!! 
Making pumpkin cupcakes:
NOPE…this wasn’t it either!
 Attempting to put popcorn balls together even though the caramel isn’t set enough…
THIS wasn’t the best part of my day either!
 Painting and sanding furniture to make it OH so shabby chic!
…NOPE…not this either!
 Look at that beauty!
What about an amazing night with my mom and sister to Cafe Rio, TJ MAXX and a movie!

Sounds pretty amazing huh?…

This ISN’T it either!!
While I was in the kitchen doing some cooking, I grabbed the cottage cheese and took a few spoon-fulls!

Of course if Reagan sees the fridge open she is RUNNING to the kitchen!

So instead of putting the cottage cheese away…I sat right down on the kitchen floor and shared some cottage cheese with my little girl!
YES…THAT was the BEST PART of my day!!

There is nothing better than having my precious little girl come over to me with a mouth full of food, climb up on my lap, wrap her little arms around me and smoother me with cheesy kisses!

At the end of the day…NOTHING else mattered!
I get so caught up in my ‘long list of things to do’ that I forget about the little moments sometimes…
when really all I need to do is STOP and SIT!!
Even if it is in my kitchen.
So…this is the motto of the day…
uhhh…or something like that!
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  • Megan

    awww so sweet! I would be eating her cute cheesy face:)

  • Jessica @ O. Alouette

    I love this post! We all have so much to be thankful for. Your little girl is just *precious*

  • Karri

    awww. and i love the painting you’re doing!

  • Ashley

    I needed to hear this this morning. I am rushing around trying to get stuff together before I leave on a mini get away tomorrow. I need to stop and focus on my babies because they aren’t coming with me. 🙁

  • Anonymous

    thank you for this post. i’ve been struggling with 2 yr old and him really pushing me to my limit and just being annoyed with things easily. I need to enjoy him and work on paitence. thank you again for this post after i got to the part of your little girl seeing the fridge being open it brought tears to my eyes. my son does the same thing and i usually get frusterated because he pulls everything out. next time i’ll enjoy the moment and thank you for this reminder…….
    i cant wait to get home from work today and wrap him in my arms and soak in his yummines and love he has.

  • Aleks

    fantastic post. im always rushing through the day counting down the hours until i can get a quick nap, or some alone time, or whatever. Its nice to be reminded to take time for simpler things.

  • Kendall

    Great post!!! I’m in need of smelling the tiles lately. Thank you!!!

  • What Sadie Did

    Gosh – what a busy day you had!! But i’m pleased you had some cheesy-kiss time 😀

    Sadie x

  • Jen Nelson

    I passed on the nomination for versatile blogger today. I know you’ve already been nominated before so you don’t have to blog about it again. Just letting you know I like reading your blog. If I am super busy and only have time to read a few blogs, I always check yours first.

  • Denissa

    How adorable!! I didn’t know she was walking!! awe… Everything looked so yummy & sounded so great but I def agree messy kisses from your baby are the BEST!!

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