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I’ve had LOTS of you ask about this {rainbow cake rampage} I’ve been going on lately!!
SO…since I’m not making another one for a while I thought I’d show you all how it’s done!
I use 2 boxes of the Pillsbury Funfetti Cake! 
FOR SURE the best box cake out there!!
 I bought a package of 12 gel colors from WalMart 
It was the cheapest place I found…and I searched quite a bit.
After mixing your cake together {if you are making a 6 layer cake}
divide cake mix into 6 bowls!
ABOUT 2 1/4 cups of mixture into each bowl!!
Then get your coloring on!!
I only have one round cake pan so I baked each cake separately!
I know…it’s kinda a hassle but you only need to bake them for 13 minutes EXACTLY {at 350}
so really it doesn’t take very long.
 TIP: Spraying the pan doesn’t always work in fact I HIGHLY recommend using parchment paper!! 
 This is what happens if you simply spray your pan!!
 My mother-in-law taught me this trick and EVERYONE needs to use it!
 Simply trace the bottom of your pan onto the paper and cut out six different circles!
 Put it on the bottom of your pan without ANY spraying!
Don’t spray on the sides either!
 That way the batter has something to grasp onto…your cake with be WAY more even because it will be able to climb up the edges!!
Once ALL your pieces are baked and cooled!…
it’s time to FROST!!
1 cup butter {2 cubes} CREAM BUTTER
8 cups of powdered sugar ADD TO BUTTER
2 tsp vanilla ADD
1/2 cup of milk ADD
Add about 4 dollops of frosting on top of your first cake…
and start your frosting!!
{I’m legit and frost with a knife!}
I don’t have any sweet frosting blades so I am kind of a make-shift cake maker!

Do that with each layer…
Continue to frost…
I always have to put it in the fridge at this stage because the frosting starts to get really soft since it’s so hot in our house!!
Take it out 20 minutes before you serve and finish frosting and decorating it the way you want!
This time I watered the knife to try and make it more smooth…
it kinda looks like a big…pink blob!
BUT it still tasted good…
Then cut into your cake and see what surprises you find!

OH and here are a few pictures from our little get together with a few family members!
It STILL blows my mind that she is 1!!
My sister got her this AMAZING army TUTU!!
Hello…it is pretty much required to have something camo if you live in IDAHO!
And she JUST happened to have shoes to match…

Let me tell you a little story…
about my ridiculously hilarious husband…
last night he went into the kitchen, grabbed a napkin and picked something off the floor…
I instantly knew it was some sort of bug…
I LOATH, DESPISE, HATE any kind of insect in my home!
I asked if it was a bug…he said yes…
I ask how big, what kind, spider?…
I wanted to see what it was…
because I seriously have a problem with OCD cleanliness and nasty crawling things and I really just wanted to see what was crawling on my kitchen floor!!!
He showed me with his fingers about how big it was and that made me even more freaked…
so I ask him to draw it…
I know…I know…I’m ridiculous but for realz…I hate em’!
I found this scary thing starring back at me…
I just laughed…HARD!
Moral of the story…
kill your own bugs or WATCH your husband kill the bugs so you know what you’re dealing with…and so you know for sure it’s dead!!
Wanna know the worst part?…
He couldn’t find the bug after he put it in the trash…so that creepy, killer bug is out there somewhere!
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  • kirsten.brooke

    that is probably the funniest bug drawing I have ever seen…IN MY LIFE.

    happy [belated] birthday to your sweet reagan jane.

  • The Dark Family

    That’s hilarious! I am the same way with bugs. My husband has gotten to the point of not telling me what it was because he knows I’ll lose sleep over it. Sad, huh?

  • Missy

    I always grease and flour my cake pans. Not pam/spray, but crisco and flour.

  • Jennie Moss

    thats so sweet! i am going to try it!!

  • Kelsey

    that bug drawling is too funny!!! and thanks for the cake how to 🙂 I love the baking tip with the wax paper. I mentioned you on my blog today – you have inspired me to be much more creative and take risks! Thank youuu! I would love for you to spot by my blog (I’m new to blogging)!

  • jamie @ [kreyv]

    LOL! Looks like you have a budding artist at your house! I am the same way with bugs. Once, I saw a spider in my mom’s basement, and I refused to go back to her house until she had it sprayed. (She probably just told me she got it sprayed, so that I’d shut up!)

  • Kendall

    Loving your rainbow cakes!

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