Here it is…
It’s totally embarrassing and the quality is totally HORRIBLE!!
I did it on my MAC IMOVIE…shouldn’t it be better?…
Please feel free to make fun of it and laugh along…because when I watch it…I do!!
I also don’t make a lot of sense sometimes…just a warning…
LIKE…”I’m gonna show you this because I’m excited.”
I have NO idea what I was going for with that sentence…
oh and enjoy the sweet chest bump to the camera…
oh and you can hear Reagan on the floor playing with the laptop cord and cotton balls and tampon boxes…yeah I’m that kind of mother!
OH and just so you know it’s 9 MINUTES LONG!
who knew someone could talk that long on how to curl some flippin’ hair!
Oh regardless of my makeshift-video-making-ghettoness…
I hope you enjoy AND I hope it’s helpful!
Did you make it through?!?…
 I am afraid to ask…HOW’D I DO?…
 I actually enjoyed doing the video…maybe if I can learn how to keep them under 5 minutes I will do more!
 But for now you’re just gonna have to plead and beg to get more videos!!
You JUST might be the only one…
It’s cool…we can have a video party together!!

Hair Products from Melaleuca’s beauty line: Sei Bella
To learn more about Melaleuca EMAIL ME! 

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  • Natalie

    Awww, you did GREAT, Sadie! I’ve been just doing my curls with my flat iron because it seems to be the “in” thing…but after this tutorial I am TOTALLY going back to my curling iron! And I couldn’t stop laughing about your “whispies”…I have them too…like, the exact same length as yours! You hide your so much better than I do! Mine look like a horrible attempt at bangs. OH! And what kind of hair stuff did you say you were using? It sounds fab! ((HUGS))

  • The Dark Family

    You’re just too cute! I have done my hair like that for a while now, but I still watched the whole thing. :) Great job.

  • Nicole@MissMommy

    You did amazing Sadie!!. I would have never thought to use a small curling iron! My hairdresser uses the straightener. I’ve watched this twice now and im going to try it!

  • What Sadie Did

    I watched the whole thing and didn’t even notice it was that long! Great first v-log :)

    I actually bought the biggest set of tongs I could get on Saturday (here in NZ that’s not THAT big!) and tried tonging my hair that evening, but I def need to use some products cos the hair drooped in an hour :( (I do have the world’s heaviest hair tho!!). Anyway enough rambling – love your vid!!

    Sadie xx

  • Alaina Teuscher

    Loved it! Your hair turned out great as well. I love when you can hear Reagan and she pulls the cord – totally something my baby would do!

  • Karri

    Love your hair.
    So tell me…what’s the texture of your hair like? Do you have thick hair? Any natural wave or anything?
    I like to know these things before I attempt, because I am a thin/fine/straight gal.

    I am also intrigued by your products. I looked at them online. I am a sulfate/sulfite/paraben free user, and I’ve always loved my product I used (burts bees shampoo & cond, of all things!), but I had to switch when I went dark and I have yet to find one I am really in love with, so I am open to new ones. I’d like to know more…

  • Ramblings of a Redhead

    you did great :) you’re so cute. way to go. the camera (and video) love you.

  • jamie @ [kreyv]

    Loved it! You are so brave to do video. I hate the way I look and sound on video! You were cute, cute, cute…not too long at all!

  • Brielle Lee

    Loved it!! I would love to see more videos it was fun!! :)

  • Sarah Jacqueline

    Oh Sadie, I just love you and your blog and now your videos! I am definitely going to try my hair like this! Thanks for posting! It was an awesome video! :)

  • Starbright

    Loved it! I waiting for my hair to finish falling off and thinning out since I had my son and I’m def. going to try this out.

  • Meagan

    Cute hair!!

  • Jen Nelson

    I’ve always liked that look and wanted to know how to do it. I’ve gone to Evans a couple times just for a hairstyle, and I ask them to do that. The first time I ended up with crisp, perfect ringlets (not what I wanted). The second time was a little better, more like loose ringlets. But now I know how to do it myself. Too bad I just cut my hair short :(

  • Jessica

    you must have been taught by a proffesional:) That is the best way to curl your hair because you should never put the ends in first it will destroy them! (I was a hairstylist before I had my first son)
    I think I remember you posting about your brother opening a salon?
    You have too many talents missy!

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