Some days I go about my normal routine and don’t realize how much I really AM becoming a mother or a wife.
I have been married for 3 years in December and I feel like I am still trying to figure out how this whole wife thing works…
not to mention the whole MOTHER thing…
The other day I made a delicious batch of homemade french bread, some carrot cake cupcakes, chicken pot pie and chocolate chip cookies. (OK within a 48 hour period)
I don’t think I realize how much it means to my husband for me to bake and cook until I actually do it!
No one is perfect and MAN I know I have my flaws but the whole cooking thing is so hard for me!
I am MORE than happy with a salad and banana for dinner so why wouldn’t Jeff be too?
 He has been so patient with me…
he was so used to homemade breakfast, lunch and dinner when he was growing up.
{His mother is literally the BEST cook around!}
And although I LIKE to bake and don’t do it as much as I should.
I really am trying to be better…
it’s times like those when I still feel like a “wife in training”…
Jeff came in while I was cooking and couldn’t believe his EYES! 
I had thrown on a cardigan…pulled my hair back with a clip and tied an apron around my waist!
I REALLY felt like a wife at that moment…
Before I would have been worried my hair would kink while in the clip…so I would have just worn it down and suffered through the strands of hair all over my face while preparing dinner…
instead I wore the clip ALL night…even when family friends came over…
Not only am a letting little things like kinked hair go…but now 90% of my day feels like a circus act!
Like trying to stir the sauce with one hand while holding one cupboard closed with one foot and grabbing little Reagan with the other hand!
It’s the little things you think you are SO OCD about but then realize they don’t matter…
I would have NEVER thought I would be OK with throwing my Tupperware all over the kitchen floor just so I can entertain her for another 2 minutes until daddy comes home!
 But it’s these simple moments that really make me realize that maybe I’m doing an OK job…
maybe…even though Reagan’s lunch is still all over the kitchen floor…it’s OK to leave the mess and go to the park instead…
OH…who am I kidding…I definitely HAVE NOT gotten to that point yet…
you’re talking to ME here…I still sweep and mop the kitchen at least 3 times and vacuum the house at least once a day BUT…
the important thing is that I am TRYING to be better…
I am trying to be a more laid back mother…
the kind that cares more about what she is making for dinner and not about what to clean next!
I think one day I will find my medium…
my place where I say…
“Hey…I think I have things figured out!”
and then my kids will be toddlers then teenagers and I will be right back to not knowing what the crap I’m doing!
BUT that’s OK!
Because that’s MOTHERHOOD!
I wouldn’t have my life…
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  • Meagan


    I’ll admit. I have NEVER used yeast before. That tells you all the baking, or lack of, that I’ve done. I have some fall goals and making rolls, pizza dough, and bread are a few of them!!! I am excited!

    Love that apron by the way.

    Ya, I am learning everyday. Brinley is really good at keep me on my toes and helping me be more and more patient everyday. When Reagan gets to toddlerhood, you’ll learn to pick your battles, to really ignore a tantrum (still working on that), and how to stop fueling the “fire” aka the tantrum. But anyways, you know I love ya and you’re amazing!

  • Rachel

    Ok girl thank you for that sweet reminder. I am the same way that I have to clean the house before I can cook anything! It is hard to be a mom and figure out a good balance. Let me just say even though you were rockin’ the clip in your hair and maybe it wasn’t your first option you looked dang good doing it!

  • Natalie

    Holy cow, let’s just morph together and we’ll be the perfect wife/mom! :) I am the total opposite…I cook and THEN clean. And I’m much better at cooking than cleaning. I still haven’t figured out how to keep the windows and mirrors from getting streaks! So sad! And you are doing an AMAZING job, Sadie! You have SO many people looking to you as an example! AND, next matter of business…you MUST share your french bread recipe!!! I’ve always wanted to make my own french bread, but it seems so intimidating!
    ANNND, I totally would Skype with you…but I don’t have Skype…or know how to get it for that matter…

    P.S. I’m totally digging your kitchen colors…GORGEOUS!

    P.P.S. I’ll shut my yapper now.

  • erica[goodjobmomma]

    oh man i wish i was a little more ocd about the cleaning!! can i have that part of you! or at least send some cleaning vibes my way. i send most of my time just playing. haha. i cook and bake but cleaning no way. you are wonder woman!

  • Elise

    I absolutely love this post. It makes me so excited to be a wife and mom one day. You are an amazing inspiration!

  • Julia

    Chris cooks…but this post got me wondering what he would do if he came home to dinner. I MAY just have to give it a whirl.

  • Genevieve

    So fun! I have an aunt who never quite figured out how to stop cleaning and start living until very recently, but she’s still my favorite aunt and her kids are awesome, so don’t worry! you’ll be the best mom to your family! I just know it!

  • Brittany Kaaiakamanu

    Wow, my husband wishes I were more that way, haha. I am lucky if I vacuum and sweep 2xs a week! I guess it’s just a trade-off. People’s priorities are different in life/marriage/parenting and that’s why it’s great that we’re not all the same.

    I love to cook and bake and do it every day, but I don’t do everything from scratch! I still have those easy throw-together meals like everyone else, and they still taste just as great! Good for you for going the extra mile to make your hubby happy!!!

  • Joel and Brittany

    Oh Sadie… how I love you! You give me hope that I can be a good housewife someday & let go of my OCD-ness. You truly amaze me little lady!
    P.S.- you look fantastic too! I dub you “my hero”!

  • Anonymous

    I love your blog! I am glad you posted this! I feel the same way about being a mom! You amaze me! You should post your recipes from this post!

  • Will and Abby

    You are so precious! I think both hubby and I are going to have the same problems when we have little ones…. we’re both pretty OCD about having to have everything *just so*.

  • Jessica

    Man, can you please give me some of your OCD? I want to be like that but i have the hardest time wanting to cook and clean! I hate cleaning, I am learning to cook which can be enjoyable but not so much the clean up after park! I’d much rather sit and play with my almost three year old and soon to be born little boy all day!
    any of your tips would be much appreciated:)

  • Nancy

    I am glad I am not the only one with OCD around here!! Maybe that’s why we are type A labor nurses!! Ha ha I sure love you and think your amazing, I just wish we still lived next door so we could cook together!! Maybe when my babe gets here we will have weekly cooking dates??

  • Karri

    he he he. *I* have not gotten to that point yet. And my kids are 9.5 and almost 8!! I try..I do. But internally, my insides are screaming, “a mess!!! clean it up!” Of course, I do let it go. I let the dirty dishes from breakfast sit out so we can run off to the pool and I, instead, attack them at dinner, but yes, i think about that dirty kitchen and my piles of laundry all. day. long!

  • Jen Nelson

    Though I am not a mom yet, I think I will also have a problem with wanting to spend too much time cleaning. I am totally a clean freak and I judge other moms that let their house get so messy. But they are probably busy doing things that are more meaninful than scrubbing the floor. Like you, I hope to find that balance between keeping my house clean but still being spontaneous and having fun.

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