I’m not sure how Reagan opened the lid of our 5 gallon paint bucket…
but she did.
 I think it’s my fault…
 I turned my head for .2 seconds while talking on the phone and found this little stinker…
 Good thing it’s lead free!
 needless to say my phone conversation was cut short and she was put right into the tub…it came right off thank goodness.
 On a total random note…
Just wanted to let you all know that Jeff and I acted like 10 year olds today!
{enjoy the post crossfit nastiness}
 I got home from crossfit and went to help Jeff out in the yard.
Thinking I was a good wife…I told him I wanted to spray weeds…
then Reagan started to cry…and we both knew it was bottle and bed time.
I looked at Jeff and told him…”I’ll spray weeds for you, you can go inside.”
He saw right through it.
“I want to Sadie…it’s my time to be outside and you’re going too slow anyways.”
This went back and forth for 2 minutes…
and ended with me dropping the weed sprayer and stomping into the house.
Right before I hit the garage I turned around and yelled,
“I’m not making dinner then…you can stay outside all night if you want to be out here so bad!”
Some arguments are so LAME!
But this one tops them all…
when Jeff finally came inside all we could do is laugh.
After a long day for both of us…I guess all we wanted to was spray weeds alone!
Sometimes when your married you have to act like your 10…
OK I guess you don’t HAVE to but…we do.
Then we laugh about it.
And hung out with each other the rest of the night.

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  • Jen Nelson

    What a funny story about your argument. Now I don’t feel so bad about sometimes getting really mad at my husband too.

  • Jenny and Justin Sharp

    That is called a “nothing fight” my friend. We had one over turkey lunch meat once. It was hysterical. Later,it was funny. At the moment (after a long day) it was like the most important thing ever! So funny and we laugh about it all the time and even have it as an inside joke to each other. Sometimes I will just yell “Turkey!!!” to him if we are arguing about something stupid and we just start laughing. It’s awesome. Glad you have that too!

  • Reply

    oh my gosh. did it come off the floor & carpet okay? what a funny kid!!
    as for lame arguments…we’re the king & queen of them…and I’m the queen of instigating them. It’s awful. haha

  • jeanelle_t_anderson

    I totally understand looking away for .2 seconds and the little ones getting into something. Just the other day Bailey did just the same thing and got into butt paste! I had to call poison control and everything. I felt like a total delinquent mother and didn’t let her out of my sight once for the entire day! And as for the argument, we all have them! It’s awesome that you can two can laugh about it in the end!

  • Denissa
    Reply funny! I don’t think that Reagan could be any stinkng cuter! Geez that girl :) And so cute that you two could laugh about it! Those still happen after 15yrs for us too 😉

  • Nicole

    Love reading your blog! You and the hubs and baby are super adorable! P.s. We have big paint paw prints on our carpet. Can’t help but laugh at it now.

  • Joel and Brittany

    Oh Sadie… How I love you so! As I’m sure you’re aware, you’re not the only one who acts like a 10 year old. I do these things probably too frequently. Ah well, they make for good laughs & great post fight make-outs, eh?

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