After falling into the toilet…yep…complete with water on the behind and all…3 TIMES!!
I decided it was time to take matters into my own hands!

You would think that after KINDLY asking him literally 50 times to put the toilet seat down he would start to get the idea…

So tonight after having YET ANOTHER close encounter with the toilet water I grabbed some tape and told Jeff plainly…
{complete with finger pointing, huge smile, jumping up and down, crazy eyes…}
“Try putting up the seat NOW…HA!”

Don’t get me wrong ladies…I have 2 hands…I can put it down myself…but FOR REALS YO…if I leave it down I kinda expect it to be that way when I get back to it.
OK I AM DONE talking about the toilet…
why am I even blogging about this?…
next subject please!
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  • Rockabilly Gypsy

    OMG I marched straight in and made my husband read this post. He even laughed. Thanks for a great post!

  • Jess

    This post was hilarious!

    Just wanted you to know I TAGGED you! You’re it!

    Check out my latest post if you’d like to play!

  • Shellsea

    That is too much. That is certainly one answer to the problem. Lol


  • Tiffany

    Oh my heck! I have been going through this same thing! My son who is 4 can put it down… Why can’t my Hubby? I am so going to tape it down too! Thanks for the laugh!

  • haleynicole

    this is too funny!
    somehow i got lucky with the toilet seat. i think its because my boyfriend was raised by his mama and 2 sisters so he NEVER lifts the seat lol. but if he did i’d know what to do! haha

  • Karri

    Yes!!! I can constantly calling my husband and eldest son back into the bathroom, “PUT THE SEAT DOWN!!!!!!!!!” Ew.

  • Elizabeth

    Hahahahaha! Hunny, I don’t blame you! Falling in the toilet ONCE is enough to make any of us go mad! Good for you to take a stand! Ha!


  • Meagan

    I gave Ryan the “disappointed wife” eye everytime the toilet seat was up right after we got married, and he has been 99.9% everytime. Not sure what stuck, but maybe cry about it?? Might work :-) Crying to men means, Whoa this is a big deal to her… HAHA!!!

  • What Sadie Did

    Hahaha BRILLIANT!!!! Love this.
    Now, how do you get a man to change the toilet roll when it’s empty?! I’ve tried throwing the empty one at him, but didn’t work!?!?

    (oops do i sound crazy!?)

    Sadie x


  • Julia

    I don’t know if Chris wants me sharing this but he doesn’t pee standing up EVER. at home. He’s tall and I guess he fears splashing action. Ewwwww. So, lucky me I guess. Hopefully, any future sons are the same way!

  • gudielgirl

    I’m not married yet so this problem isn’t the worst thing ever to me YET but whenever he does do this and I go in there I always come back out and say hey do you mind putting it down for me please if you can put it up you can be the one to put it down :p he usually is pretty good about remembering to do it for a while, then old habits come back! :p i shall try this tape thing one day!

  • Mitch + Roz

    bahaha silly boys.. gotta love em!


  • Dad

    OK, on the mens side of this issue….all you have to do before sitting down, is reach up towards the tank and feel what is there….the lid….or the lid and the seat. It’s as easy as that! Hope this saves all of you from an uncomfortable moment!

  • Lexie Loo & Dylan Too

    That is hilarious!

  • One Blondes Ramblings

    LMAO! Thanks for this idea, and major chuckle.
    New follower from Bloggy Moms. I love you site style too btw.

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