you do over 100 pull-ups at CrossFit and you don’t realize you ripped your calluses until after the workout!

I still have to use a band while doing my pull-ups but I am getting better!
I have been going for 4 weeks now and I’ve lost 12 pounds so far!
It’s pretty hard core and I’m loving every minute of it…well almost every minute…except for the times that I want to throw up everywhere…
yeah it’s that hard core.
To learn more about my CrossFit gym go {HERE}

OK I think you have seen enough of my nasty-post-workout-chalked-ripped hands…
onto something more delicious!
I just ordered a dozen of these for work tonight!
WAIT…what’s that about workouts and weight loss?…
you better believe I’m gonna indulge on these deliciousgoodnesswonderfulthings!
Just like I indulged in Easter candy yesterday…
I am doing a lot of indulging lately.
To learn more about Cocoa Bean go {HERE}
It is my VERY LAST shift of being a Labor and Delivery nurse!
To learn more about my thoughts and decisions about quitting go {HERE}
I am going to go out with a BANG!
I have made the decision to eat my emotions tonight…maybe that will help me not bawl my eyes out! :)
OH I am going to miss those wonderful, beautiful, strong women!!
For ALL of my wonderful readers check out {Love Stitched} today. I am doing a guest tutorial on my Anthro Knotted Bedding!
I must give ALL you {Love Stitched} readers a shout out and welcome you to my blog!

I apologize that the first photo you see is of my nasty hands!:)
But don’t let that scare you!
Stay awhile, look around and see what my {simply delicious} life is all about.
Hope you all have a wonderful night.
I will be reporting to all of you how my last shift went later tomorrow.
Sadie Jane
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  • Reply

    I am jealous of your work out habits..I suck and am a slacker. i can not even do ONE pull up! congrats on being at lovestitched today!

  • Jessica

    aww im so excited for you! i hope you have a GREAT last night of work (ouside of your home ;]) and just think now you get to be a full time “nurse” to your sweet little Reagan. SO happy for you. :]

  • Claire

    We have a Crossfit gym here and I have a friend that works out there… they are hard core! And 100 pull ups!! Really!?!? That is just unreal to me! You go girl!

  • Josie

    Yay!! I’ve been crossfitting for 2.5 years and I love it! We even converted our garage into a gym :) You’ll get better, I promise. After I ripped my hands, I’ve worn athletic tape ever since. It really helps! Some chalk helps too. But hey, you gotta build those calluses in, right? Good luck!

  • Stevie @ MooreBabies

    um… ow! Phew… looks rough!

  • gudielgirl

    Stay strong girl it’ll pay off! :) you can do it :)

  • Jess

    Man! Those are some hard core hands no doubt!!! I have wanted to try crossfit for awhile now but haven’t found an affordable place just yet.
    12 pounds! You go Girl!!!

  • Dane & McCall

    I want to do a pull up! If it is a class, can I go with you sometime?? Oh, and since you’re not working I plan on seeing you around more! Hope all is well.. Loves.

  • Karri

    I looked into crossfit and the gyms are not by my house :( But you have inspired me to amp it up and try some of the similar programs that my gym offers. The ones that scare the carp outta me!

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