some juices flowing…

I know…this post is late today.
The hubby had the laptop ALL day.
I am hoping to make this post count for 2…possibly 3 days this weekend.
Tonight is my first of 3 in-a-row.
Translation: 3 {12} hour shifts one after the other.
Friday night…Saturday night…Sunday night.
I MAY or MAY NOT be at work while typing this post…SHHHHH
I won’t tell if you don’t!
Today was a creative kinda day.
One of my great friends from work text me Thursday night and asked me to whip up some headbands for a baby shoot she was doing Saturday!
She is a great photographer by the way…
check her out {HERE}
With little time I grabbed everything I had laying around the house and let the creative juices flow.
Reagan was pretty pleased with my creative skills today!

I was ready to kick it into high gear.

I figured I’d be able to make SOMETHING out of all this.

My first creation.
Not sure if I’m IN LOVE with it…but it’s fun.
You get to enjoy ALL these pictures of this headband because I thought Reagan looked cute in all of them.

Yeah I posted this twice for a reason…
I know you all wanted to see it again!


I realized half-way through taking pictures that Reagan’s PJ’s just didn’t match so I tried to take them off half-way…
I don’t think it worked.
You can still see them…oh well…at least I tried to make the pictures look legit!



I decided to throw together 2 more while Reagan was taking her nap.
Since I didn’t have Reagan to model for me…I used this topiary!

I kept the one on the bottom for Reagan!
After a long days work I had to make something that she could wear.

The disaster when I was done.

Don’t worry…I cleaned it all up before I left for work.
I know what you’re thinking…when did this girl sleep?
Well, thank you for your concern…as you can tell my day was jammed packed with fun crafting and there was simply NO time for me to lay my head down.
But don’t you fret…it’s the weekend which means the hubby is home and I can sleep after my shift.
I am gonna be stylin’ my scrubs and sweats ALL WEEKEND LONG!

Had to get a kiss before I left for work!
Hope you all sleep wonderful tonight…don’t forget to think of me while you’re all under your warm, comfortable bedspreads and sheets, cuddling with your husbands or covering your ears while listening to him snore.
I’m off to baby land where the screaming is plentiful and the babies are delicious!
Sadie Jane
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  • Leanna

    aww, so cute! the one you said is your favorite is my favorite, too! you did a good job. :)

  • Rachel

    Sooooo cute! I wish Finley would wear them I’d have you make some for her.

  • Natalie

    ADORABLE!!! I love them! I’m digging the pink frame, too. 😉 And Kate totally has the same Carters elephant pajamas! SOOO CUTE. :) I don’t know how you do it…I would be walking into walls and doors and stuff on that little sleep. Heck. I wouldn’t be able to spell my friggin name to sign charts. YOU GO GIRL! Have a great weekend sleeping!

  • kirsten.brooke

    i looooove the third headband, but let’s be honest, that first one is sweeeeeet!

  • Annie

    Lu-hu-huuuu-vvvvvvv your favorite one! Definitely my fav too!!!! I would wear it in a heartbeat!

  • Dallin, Ashley and Claire

    Ahhh! Sadie, they’re all so cute!! You are so stinkin talented. And Reagan is about the sweetest little thing ever! :)

  • jhoward_120509

    She is SOOOOO cute! with her chubby cheeks!! Loveeee.

  • Keck Family

    yikes thee shifts in a row! I hope you make it through okay! Love you! and little Reagan is a doll! Aiden is so lucky to be betrothed to her! haha jokes!

  • Annie

    These are so adorable! Do you make the cute headbands you attach them to or buy them somewhere? I would love a tutorial on all the cute flowers!

  • DANA

    You made it into the finals for March!!!! Here is the link!

  • Sadie Jane

    Annie! I make the headband as well…this is a little preview of what will be in my Etsy shop

  • Cook Clean Craft

    Your girl so so cute, and the headbands are all adorable too.

    Stopping by from SITS.

  • Aleyta

    You rock mama!

  • Jefferson and Karalee

    One day I will have a stinkin adorable little girl like Reagan and then I will call you up to help me dress her cute!!! Have fun working, I can only imagine, well not really, your pretty freaking amazing with everything you do!!

  • Winning My Battle

    I almost DIED when I saw your 2nd creation! As soon as I get married and have a sweet little baby girl I HAVE to have it! :)

  • jamie @ kreyv

    Love the bows. I say the bigger, the better! My hubs is on call tonight. I don’t know how you guys do those 12 hour shifts at night!

  • Ty and Whitty

    Ok these are the cutest bows I have ever seen! You are one talented mama! Your baby is adorable by the way I am pretty sure her a my little Maddux should get married. If I ever have a girl I am hiring you to make her hair accessories.

  • Dana

    Love the bows! So stinking cute!!! And so is your daughter, she was born to model!

  • Jake &Yessica


    Very cute creations! I love the pictures of Reagan. I can see so much of you in her, as i kept looking at the pictures Im like yup, that is one of Sadies expressions! So cute, she is beautiful.

  • Marie@PoutyPinkPrincess

    OMG! I am totally in love with every single one these headbands!! They rock! Your daughter is absolutely adorable and I’m now obsessed with your blog! I definitely think we were meant to be bloggy bffs! lol! I’m so glad you found my blog!!

  • Sara

    reagan, you’re killing me.

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