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It’s official…
I just finished my last shift as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Madison Memorial Hospital!
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Although I knew Tuesday night would be a very bitter sweet experience,
I decided to go out with a BANG and make the most out of my night!
So without further ado I would like to show you all some highlights of my last shift at work…
and while I’m at it…I guess I will share with you all what I WON’T and WILL miss…straight from the units and hallways of MMH!
{let’s start with the negative to end with the positive!}
* Giving a quick goodbye to my family as I run out the door.

We have big smiles this time.

* Writing sappy love/miss you letters to all my co-workers.
It was a sad few hours.

* Last time!

* The computers and I have a love/hate relationship…really I LOVE them cause I don’t have to do paper charting but…

* I HATE them cause I have to chart PERIOD.
Dang you CPN, Meditech and MMH intranet.
Curse you password expiration notification that pops up right as I am trying to scan a medication for a patient at 3 AM.
Your blocking of People, facebook and blogging will NOT BE MISSED!
MEMORY: Shout out to miss Kim for placing 10! Count them 10 ammonia packets under my keyboard so that when I sat down to chart the overwhelming scent caught wind and I couldn’t see or smell anything for 1o minutes.

* Dirty rooms
Although we don’t have to ‘clean’ them…we do have to clean up all things delivery.
NOPE…not gonna miss that.
MEMORY: Thank you Doctor L for dropping the placenta on the floor. We both glance at it…then back at each other. You dropped it…you pick it up! That’s what I wanted to say to him. I already knew he wouldn’t and when he gave me THAT look…it confirmed my thoughts!
So I grabbed the liver-like organ off the floor and placed it in the bio container.
Your welcome for picking up the yummy organ that YOU dropped!
He never thanked me…typical.
Doctors…you gotta love em!
I will miss them…for the most part!:)
After all they did give me some pretty sweet nicknames:
Super Sadie Supreme
and many more.

* Coming home with ALL things fluid on my scrubs.
I will tell you one thing we aren’t short of up in labor land!…bodily fluids!
We LITERALLY deal with every single kind and not just deal…we get splashed on, sprayed on and peed on…not to mention we slip and slide in…
I am not even going to go into detail about my job description because I am sure you all know!
Don’t play stupid…
It was a blessed day when the glove was invented!
Thank you harmful cleaning supplies for sanitizing the chairs, beds and computers!
You may give me cancer someday but at least I’m feelin’ clean!

Nore and the kitchen staff.
They were my homies!
Making me pancakes at night and hooking me up with some much needed greasiness during my pregnancy.
YEP she IS flipping off the camera…I told her not to…she didn’t care.
Bless her heart.

Nothing like carbs and candy at 3 AM!

I don’t really know how to explain this photo…so I won’t!

The delicious desserts.

* Oh blessed hand sanitizer.
You were truly a gift from the Labor Gods!

* Wheelchair races!
Heidi and I talking smack before the race!


She’s always playing dirty…little hooch!

We resort to cheating.

Of course I won! Hello I brought the heat…and I may have slammed her into the chairs!


* Amanda
yes I will miss her…
and slurred speech
nuff’ said.

I’m telling you this girl has been with me through thick and thin…
You keep tellin’ it how it is girlfriend!

Cart surfing…

It’s fun and TOTALLY helps you stay awake when 4 AM rolls around and you’re ready to throw in the towel!

* Parties with the gals!

Some of the girls I work with bought goodies and through a little party for me…
so sweet!

Bri’s baby!! She just had her baby 4 weeks ago! We are all glad they are both doing well!

* I will miss my sweet sadie! Although it was frustrating and annoying and WAY TO COMPLICATED for the doctors to figure out who was charging or who was taking their patient…I will miss her.
Who knew having the same name would cause so many headaches!

* Oh Troy {house supervisor}…there are no words.
He’s gonna miss me!
I know it.


Some of the sweet precious wonderful ladies I work with.
Bless their hearts!

The labor crew!
Chelsea, Heidi and I would often RUN the L&D unit at night!
Yep a bunch of 23 year olds running around working hard.
I’ve been through a lot with these girls and MAN do I love them!!

I worked with Bri and Amanda on MBU.
There was NEVER a dull moment.
I wish I could have gotten pictures with EVERYONE I worked with…
There are a lot of amazing ladies that aren’t pictured here that had such a strong impact on my life!

The shift was almost over…

Time to go home!
The last thing that I will miss the most more than anything else…
the patients!!
They have truly touched my life and changed me as a person!
It was a honor to be their nurse and I hope they all knew that.

It was a bittersweet drive home.
As the sun started to rise I felt a little uneasy…like maybe I had made the wrong decision
but then I saw this…

and I KNEW it was right.


So with a new sunrise and fresh roses I say farewell to my friends, patients, loved ones and co-workers.

Reagan has a little message for all of you from me!
Can you see it?


more than you will ever know!
Sadie Jane
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  • Lisa

    Um, so I think I’m gonna cry! That is the sweetest letter ever, and not to mention it’s the size of a door!
    Enjoy your new stage in life!

  • Kristi Hoskins Gifts

    Seriously the sweetest husband in the world!! It almost made me tear up!
    You are gonna love this new chapter in your life!

  • Meagan

    Great post!!!!!! The nurses when I delivered Brin always looked like they had fun with each other. Doc Barton dropped MY placenta on the ground and was so embarrassed that the nurses saw and he quickly picked it up. SOOO like Dr. Barton. He is so great. I am so sad that he won’t be able to deliver ALLLL of my babies. Bummer πŸ™

    Okay, post next about how being a SAHM is the BBBBBBBBBBEST!!!!

  • jamie @ kreyv

    Ahhh…made me laugh, made me cry! Your husband gets extra points for the roses and letter. Well played, Jeff. Well played.

  • Amber Hendricks

    Alright Miss Sadie, here is the thing, that post made tears well into my eyes! I love you and your family and I only know you all from black and white ink. I have been meaning to write you and I will, today! Its a promise. Thank you for sharing that wonderful post and tear jerking letter. How wonderful you are! I cant wait to hear more about your mommy-ness. You are an amazing person and you are a leader in your words!

  • Jessica

    wow, that letter made me cry! how amazing!

  • Reply

    another box of tissues please. you are gonna love this next chapter. But stay in touch with your peeps. They all sound like fantastic fun people that love you.

  • Laura

    Oh my goodness. That almost made me cry! You are an amazing nurse and mother. You have a light about you that influences everyone to be better. You have been an amazing friend to me Sadie and I will never forget you. You have taught me the love and hardworking attitude that I want to have as a nurse while still maintaining a fun and friendly attitude. I love watching your adventures with motherhood and have always thought that you and Jeff had a great relationship. Enjoy that blessing now!

  • Devry and Chelsey Hymas

    So bitter sweet. I am SO excited for you that you get to be home with Reagan! But I will miss you so much! Your post made me laugh, then cry, then laugh some more. You better come visit us so we can have more night shift fun! Love your guts!

  • Ty and Whitty

    I hope you don’t think I am a crazy lady but I hope and like to think that we are blog friends…right? and you are so stinkin adorable. I am so glad that you have the adorable hubby that you have. holy heck that note made me tear up I’m sure you were bawling. It sounds like your job was so rewarding and I am a little jealous. But I know from experience that your new job will be the most rewarding. Staying home with the babies is amazing. I wouldn’t trade it for the world. Plus being home at night with your hubby will only make you two stronger I also know this from experience since my hubby used to work nights. It is so nice just to be with him at night and relax a bit. I am proud of you for doing what is right for you and your family you are a great example to me and can I just say I really wish you lived in Salt Lake by me.

  • Dana

    Your hubbys letter brought tears to my eyes!!! Wow sweetest guy ever!!! You are truly an amazing mother and nurse!!! Nothing compares to the next season you are about to enter, being a Stay at home mama!!! Your baby girl is the just the cutest ever, especially with her melt-your-heart-smiles!!!

  • Jess

    Great post! What a lucky girl with that catch of a hubby and precious baby to boot!

  • Holly

    Gosh, I missed all that at work last night? HAHAHA!! I’m so gonna miss you at work.

    Thanks for all the laughs! You’re so gonna love staying home.

    P.S. That Jeff guy? He really loves you!! Love that letter!!

    Love your guts!!


  • Karri

    Oh! That made me cry (the roses and letter. and the baby girl).

    It looks like you worked somewhere super awesome. I always loved my night crew the best. Possibly because they were the young ones with the most personality and zest.

  • Denissa

    Awe, what a great post!! There will be good and bad days just like at work, but you will NEVER regret staying home!! I’ve been home for 8yrs now and yes there are days that I think it would be easier to work at a job. But I know that the MOST important job that I will ever have is the one that God gave me when he chose me to be the mother of my 3 boys! πŸ™‚
    Good luck! Your husband was so sweet to suprise you with the letter and flowers, and your sweet baby words for that cutie pie!! πŸ™‚

  • Lee and Melody

    Wow, what a ride, huh? I love wheelchair races, they are EXCELLENT for the triceps! I’m so excited for you to be home with your darling girl. And your hubby is one special guy, that is so sweet of him. Love you lots, wish I could have partied with you your last night!
    Best wishes on your fabulous new full-time mommy adventure!
    Love love love!

  • amanda

    snaps to jeff i think most women are pissed while reading that wishing there guy did something like that! so you go boy!!! hola, that was a great good bye post, except good thing you live close. Thanks for the shout out, you are a really great person and nurse. thanks for teaching me so much, and putting up with my broken up english at 3-6am!! copy! ROGER!

  • Dad

    Does it get any better than this? I don’t think so! You both deserve one another….and by the way, Jeff, you are your sweet wife’s equal- so proud to have you as my son-in-law! Congrats to everyone! Welcome to your next chapter…..

  • Melissa Durtschi

    I’m with Amanda…Many jealous women of Jeffs mad skills. Your dad put it very well, that you deserve one another.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures. We are nuts and crazy but we can kick butt!!! I will miss you. But if you are ever up at 3AM again (heaven forbid) you can always call and chat it up with us. GOOD LUCK WITH THE NEXT CHAPTER!!!!

  • Sara

    where do i begin? what a great finale to this chapter in your life. that jeffy is the best… the best for the best with a little baby best:)

  • Reply

    I think yourn husband should start his own blog giving advice to other hubbies. His letter had me in tears. What a sweet guy. You guys are very lucky to have each other πŸ™‚

  • Reply

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