I have been avoiding writing this post for a long while now and finally realized that I just need to do it.
Life is full of decisions.
Some define you.
Some make you a better person.
And some are just HARD. PERIOD.
Jeff and I married 1 week after I graduated from nursing school.
Before we got married and even before I had finished school I had gotten a job at Madison Memorial Hospital.
Orientation started and soon after our honeymoon I was being oriented as a Labor and Delivery NIGHT nurse.
It was a difficult adjustment at first.
It was hard to get used to the hours and people thought I was crazy but I did it.
And I LOVED it.
I liked working in the middle of the night.
I liked the people I worked with and the patients and everything about it.
Jeff and I have now been married for 2 years and 3 months.
and for 2 years and 3 months I have worked the night shift.
For the first 2 years I was full-time {three 12 hour shifts a week}
Then this January I went to part-time {two 12 hour shifts a week}
Working as a NIGHT nurse has brought its difficulties into our relationship.
We didn’t see each other much when I worked.
A kiss in the morning when he was running off to school…
A kiss when I was running out the door while he was coming home for the day.
We spent many nights AND days sleeping alone.
I TRIED to go to sleep when he did…
but I was grateful for my job and I LOVED it.
With every job comes sacrifice and change.
It’s been interesting going through our marriage with 2 completely different schedules.
Jeff’s side of the family hasn’t even known the Sadie Jane on a normal schedule.
It really hit me when they came to stay with us and I realized that all they’ve known is the girl that has to take naps or has a hard time waking up at 7 AM.
But our families have been supportive and understanding.
When Jeff and I got married Jeff sat me down and said he didn’t want me to work.
Not because he was being controlling,
but because he didn’t want me to HAVE to.
He has always felt so responsible for bringing in our income and
he didn’t want to let me down.
I reassured him that I WANTED to work.
I had slaved over books and care plans for the last 7 semesters and wanted to work for at least a few years.
I wanted to be a nurse.
I have always felt like that was my calling in life.
Even when I was little I would run up to random little children on the playground if they were hurt and say,
“Don’t worry my mom’s a nurse and I can help you.”
I have always had the desire to help others.
To lay my hands on their shoulder and tell them it would be OK.
So we decided he would work a little…go to school full time.
I would work full time for at least 3 years,
we would start trying to have children 3 years into the marriage,
and even after our children came along I would work a little here and there because I wanted to keep my skills.
Of course nothing ever goes as planned…
Come with me a year later,
I had worked Labor and Delivery for 1 year now,
Jeff had a little over a year left in school,
and I was starting to get baby hungry.
At first work was wonderful birth control then
I couldn’t get enough of those precious babies.
It was like every delivery and every story was a dream and I had felt like it was my turn.
I had gotten my degree…
I had worked…
it was my time.
So we had Reagan that next July.
I took 3 months off of work where Jeff and I were somewhat on the same schedule
and by that I mean fall asleep at 10…wake up at 12, feed Reagan…wake up at 3…feed Reagan…wake up at 6…you get the picture.
But at least I was home…making dinner…going to bed together.
I went back to work with hesitation. I knew Jeff could watch Reagan and when I came home from work I would just sleep when she did.
I didn’t think it would be that bad.
I didn’t really have much of a choice.
It was a roller-coaster ride once I went back.
I have has some of my most horrible, stressful, scary shifts in the last 4 months.
But overall it was good to be back.
I missed the patients and all my fellow co-workers.
It has been difficult coming home and getting an hour of sleep here and there.
Trying to still be a mom to my little girl.
I would be lying if there weren’t days when she would lay on my bed playing with toys and starring at mommy as I dosed in and out after feeding her.
Once I did open my eyes and smile at her…her face would light up…almost as if she was saying,
“Finally mom! Play with me now.”
It was a sacrifice and some days I didn’t feel like much of a mother but we NEEDED my income.
I NEEDED and WANTED to work.
Now come with me to February 2011
we have been in our home for two months now
Jeff came home and told me he got an offer at his current job to become a project manager with a salary, benefits, work truck, cell phone…the works, once he graduates.
It was amazing news but with all the bills that come with being a home owner I knew that I would still be working.
That night Jeff was working on our budget and told me that he thought we could make it without me working.
Night shift is especially hard on the hubby.
I will be the first to admit it
Lack of sleep=grumpy and emotional wife.
I can’t tell you how many times the words, “I can’t wait until you don’t have to work.”
came out of his mouth.
But I still wanted to work at least a little bit…PRN to be exact.
2-3 times a month.
I emailed my boss…it was just my luck…I couldn’t go PRN…no PRN positions available.
Only resource pool {6 shifts a month}
Part-time {One shift a week}
so I thought about it
I prayed about it
Jeff and I talked
I cried
I knew what I NEEDED to do!
The Lord has been supportive of me working because we NEEDED my income.
All of the wonderful, beautiful, talented, amazing women I work with were in the same kind of boat as I was…most of them have children, husbands going to school, husbands laid off or husbands income wasn’t enough. I even have women that I look up to and have made a lasting impression on my life. These women don’t have a husband…they don’t have another income to lean on…but they have children. They are the strong warriors trying to make it through another day of being a mother, student and bread winner all with little to no sleep.
The Lord looks down on all working mothers that NEED to work and wraps his arms around them.
He gives them strength and blessing.
He supports them.
Here is the hard part…in April my husband will graduate.
He will walk with his diploma in his hand and a smile on his face.
He will start his career and have a salary…
and I won’t NEED to work and because of that…
The Lord wants me HOME!
He knows I WANT to work…with every fiber in my being I WANT to deliver babies, I WANT to hold my patients hand, I WANT to make an impact on their lives.
BUT I NEED to be a mother now.
I NEED to put my career aside and be the best mother I can be for Reagan.
That is what the Lord wants and needs of me.
He has given me a daughter of God to be a mother to and that is what I need to do.
I never thought I would be so torn when this decision made it’s way to the surface.
I know I sound ungrateful…I don’t mean to.
I know that some of those women would kill to not work…
I am grateful…and overwhelmed…and humbled.
One nurse came to me the other day and asked,
“What are you gonna do?”
I just looked at her, holding back my tears and said with a shoulder shrug and head tilt…
“Be a mom?”…
it amazed me how those words sounded so plain…so cliche.
I felt like I needed something else to tell them…like that wasn’t enough.
I proceeded to tell them about my blog, my Etsy store, CrossFit…everything I would be doing.
I was afraid people would think I was weak for not being a nurse anymore.
For choosing to be a mom.
My least favorite word…
I am not a quitter yet that is what I would be doing.
Last Sunday our Sacrament closing hymn was ‘Lord, I Would Follow Thee.’
It has been my favorite hymn for as long as I can remember.
As I sang I reminisced back to when I was in nursing school.
Melanie, Chelsea and I would sing hymns on Sunday nights in the Taylor Chapel on campus.
We were all in nursing school and we all felt overwhelmed and wanted to do something to get our minds off of teachers and tests.
We sang this song…
I would be my brother’s keeper;

I would learn the healer’s art.

To the wounded and the weary

I would show a gentle heart.

I would be my brother’s keeper-

Lord, I would follow thee.

as we sang the third verse we all cried…we couldn’t sing it…we know that soon we would be Thy brother’s keeper.
It was like ‘our’ song…I wrote it down and read the lyrics on a daily basis.
When I felt defeated I read them and knew the Lord was with me, helping me heal His children.
I kept it in my heart when I went to work.
There I was in sacrament meeting with my amazing husband and beautiful daughter singing the hymn that made more impact on my life than any other.
The third verse came and all I could do was cry.
I couldn’t help but feel like I was leaving this hymn behind.
Then an incredible thing happened
The fourth verse came
Savior, may I love my brother

As I know thou lovest me,

Find in thee my strength, my beacon,

For thy servant I would be.

Savior, may I love my brother-

Lord, I would follow thee.
I felt a calming feeling come over me…
I knew what I NEEDED to do.
I needed to be a mother.
The patients would be OK.
The babies will be touched by other tender nurses hands.
There will be others to care for them.
But Reagan only has one mother.
and since I have the overwhelming, humbling blessing of being able to stay home with her…
I am going to.
So on March 27th I will have my last shift as a Labor and Delivery nurse at Madison Memorial Hospital.
I will miss it.
The people, the babies, the doctors, the dear friends, the hugs, the tears, smiles, laughs, jokes and late nights.
I will miss feeling needed.
Feeling like I made a difference, like I touch someone’s life.
But I know this isn’t the end.
I will keep my nursing license,
I will touch people in a different way.
Through my blog, church, the gym and everyday life.
I will still be a nurse.
I refuse to throw in the towel just because I am not working.
I will find ways throughout my day to touch peoples lives.
To show charity, service and love to others.
I am strong
I look to Christ
I have faith
I strengthen others
I lean on others
I am service
I am a nurse

Thank you friends that I work with,
Thank you patients I have helped,
Thank you children of God.
None of you will ever know how much you have changed my life!

Sadie Jane

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  • Natalie

    Oh, Sadie! WOW!!! You will still be a nurse! You will ALWAYS be a nurturer. In life there are different seasons. Right now your seasons are changing, and that is a GOOD thing! Now you are in the season of motherhood, which is the MOST IMPORTANT season there is! I know (and I know YOU know) you are making the right choice! You have served and helped so many others, and you still will. You know the scripture about “No greater love hath man than he who layeth down his life for his friends?” This applies to motherhood as well. You are giving your life to your husband and your family, and there is no greater love than that. I’m so proud of you! Now, go get some sleep and squeeze that adorable little baby! ((HUGS))

  • gudielgirl

    I think you are very strong for doing this…I hope one day I can also come to your conclusion…I want to be a Labor and delivery Nurse too and I want to have children one day and I honestly do hope that I will have the opportunity to stay a home and make a difference in my child’s life… Nursing doesn’t stop because you are not working it continues with your children and husband you get to take great care of them! :) good luck with the transition girl!

  • Meagan

    Staying at home is the best decision that I made. And if money does get tight, do what I do. Watch a kid or two from HOME. That means, no babies need to be in day care and you get to stay at home with Reagan. It is HARD. The daily grind gets to me somedays that I’ve lost my identity, but guess what? I have seen miss Brinley grow and develop into such an amazing girl. She is becoming a wild toddler and learning all. the time. I am so THANKFUL that I get to stay home. I KNOW how much you loved being a nurse, hello, YOU came to the hospital before and after I had Brin and I could tell how much you cared about ME as a patient, and sweet newborn Brin just hours after she was born!!! Sadie I love you so much. Does this mean we can have Skype dates during the day???? lol You and Jeff have an amazing relationship. and little Reagan??/ LOVE her.

  • Annie

    That was so touching and beautiful. Thank you for that. Thank you for your example.

  • Ty and Whitty

    Holy cow girl. You gave me the chills reading this. I know I have never met you but you just seem so strong and incredible to me. I kinda feel boring after reading all that you do. You are a great example and if I can see that through your blog I am sure that those around you feel it even more strongly. Your sweet little girl will be so blessed to have her mommy home with her. :)

  • Tyra

    beautifully written and by far the BEST decision:) You are such a strong woman!

  • Nancy

    Oh Miss Sadie! I cannot express my feelings enough about this post. Being a L&D nurse is the best job to have (I may be bias) but you know what, you have been an excellent nurse!! Time and time again, now you get to stay at home with Reagan and play all day long. There will be a time again that you will get to hold that patients hand, give that newborn a bath, start that IV, catch that baby, but not yet..I know that this is the hardest decision and you know you can still call me at 0300 when we are both wide awake thinking about a billion other things! Hang in there and know I love you dearly! You are one of my greatest friends.

  • Aleyta

    Your daughter is going to love reading that someday! She will be so proud. You should be proud. It’s not the end, just the beginning of something else. It will lead you to your next position in life. You will always be a nurse. You will always be a mom. Right now this is where God wants you, and for a reason! Aren’t you excited to find out why? Congrats!! More time for crafting lol

  • Daniel

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  • RaeRae

    you should read the book “i am a MOther” it is amazing! it puts a whole new meaning behind the words “Be a Mom.” I had a very similar struggle and even with two sweet boys at home I still miss working sometimes. I wouldnt trade being home for anything but it is NOT easy. You are amazing!

  • Keck Family

    Your are a great nurse Sadie- It helped calm me a lot to know I had a friend there in the delivery room with me but you are also a GREAT mother! You are making the right choice and this means we can hang out again! YIPEE!!!

  • Rexburg Road Repair

    Oh Sadie I feel for you. I have a lot of the same feelings as you. I thought about our conversation on the way home and I want you to know I really look up to you. I know you are doing the right thing for you guys…just think of how nice it will be to be home at night with your hubby and be awake enough to play with your baby each day:) I think it was perfect to say you are quitting to be a mom-it’s no easy or little task and I bet some girls at that table wish they could quit to be moms!!! Just remember the quote, “No success can compensate for failure in the home.” And as a mom you being home is perfect for that. Just think of yourself as a professional mom:) You will always be a nurse and I’m sure you will still use your knowledge and skills by answering people in the ward or neighbors, etc questions all the time. I remember talking to you the night you had Reagan at like 3 am and we were saying how hard it is to go back and right then I knew you wouldn’t last long:) I could see the love of a new mother in your eyes:) You are awesome for making such a hard decision!!!

  • Rexburg Road Repair

    Sorry I was signed in on a different account!!! That was me, Carlee that posted the above comment.

  • Lee and Melody

    Love you.
    SO much.

    I bawled all through this post, because I am facing the same decision, wondering if it’s time to hang up my stethoscope and for once in their lives let my kids have a mommy who’s there. I have always hated that I can only give them a part of me because I have to save up to spread the rest around with my patients.
    I’m so glad you got your answer, and I’m so proud of you for following it. You are pretty much amazing, Sadie.

  • Reply

    Sounds like a HUGE decision you guys made! I am sure verse #4 was so calming and reassuring to hear. God is amazing.

  • Reply

    This post was so wonderfully written! I am proud of you and I too left working the medical field and am staying home. After 3 years I still miss it but know that the Lord has me home and My family has been SO BLESSED by it! God is good!

  • Karri

    Oh wow. What a decision. I could feel the weight of it, your emotions, everything, in your post. And other posters are right –you will still be a nurse; a nurturer, but just in another sense for a few years. These are years that you will never get back. Anyone can clearly see what a passion you have for nursing, and you’ll have plenty of years to return to it once your babies are older or grown.
    No matter what anyone says, marriage is not always a piece of cake. It takes work. And adding children makes it more work, because you have to balance being a mother and a wife. And its hard to be good at one when you’re flailing at the other (IMO). Adding external stresses just adds to the difficulty. By being on the same schedule, its got to help ease things up. My husband travels. A Lot. So we have to work HARD to make it work. But that’s the price I/we pay for me to stay home. And I will pay it, because I would not trade this for anything.

    Was I rambling? Sorry.

  • Dad

    Sadie Baby,

    You are such a gifted writer and creator. This window you have given into your life with such personal detail will give others faith to deal with important decisions of their own. Your mother and I were faced with this same decision early in our marriage as well. Sure the extra money would have been great, but we never regretted her decision to put her nursing career on hold. You will always have the security and peace going forward that if anything should come up, you have your career to fall back on. What a blessing that is! You and Jeff have worked so hard for the accomplishments you have achieved so young- it’s phenomenal! And to think that you get to choose to stay home and be a full time mother and wife is every woman’s dream. All of us are so proud of your young family. I love you!

  • Anonymous

    I worked in a psych ward (nights) for years and made the same decision that you have. I needed to be a mom and a wife. You won’t regret it. And if you ever have a second when you do, hug that sweet baby. Cuz its moments like that that you’ll never get back.

  • Amber

    Yep, I know EXACTLY how you feel. It was even the same for me with my in-laws, always taking naps, coming to family events exhausted from working the night before, etc…

    I’ll be honest, I’ve come to realize that work is actually a HUGE temptation for me…I’ll go to staff meetings or work and see how much help is needed and it seriously is SUPER hard for me to step back & let it go and keep myself to just my prn status.

    But then I come home to my two little smilings faces, and I think about the giant strides I have made in my own spiritual growth since I’ve gone prn, and how greatly I have been blessed by doing what the Lord wants me to do…and I feel peace and happiness.

    What you are doing is right, Sadie. You will be amazed at what a better wife & mother you will become. This sacrifice will be worth it.

  • Dana

    I left the work force last June and haven’t regretted a moment of it. I do have moments where I miss working but being at home with my son is so much more rewarding and important. I am so thankful I get to be here for every little moment, big or small. This time will go by all too fast and be over before I know it and I want to cherish every second I can.

    Wow what a post! Like the other ladies have said, you can totally feel your true emotions in this. You will always be a nurse/nurturer, just not in the same way you are now. You are doing this for the good of your family! You are truly blessed to be able to do so. There are so many woman out there who wish they could do the same. God is definitely good!

  • Sara

    like that lady with the streak in her hair from touched by an angel says… “you know what to do!”

    good choice sexy sadie. being a mom is the hardest job in the world, but it is also the most beautiful job in the world.

    and don’t worry, you’ll still have plenty of fluids to clean up after:)

  • Julie Z

    The most important job we have as mothers is to care for our family in the home. You are making a wonderful decision. There will be days when you wish you were at work, when you have cartoon theme songs stuck in your head while cleaning under the highchair for the 100th time, and picking out half chewed up cheerios that dried into the carpet. But watching your precious little baby everyday grow and change will bring comfort to you and you will know that you are right where you should be.

  • marcalicious

    isn’t it funny how we always want different things than what is given to us?

    I think I am more excited for you to not work than you are. ha ha. :) I look forward to seeing you guys & your cute home soon!

  • Fay Call

    You are amazing Sadie. Your spirit is so strong and I felt so much peace and love from you as I read this blog. You are most definitely a choice daughter of our Heavnely Father and I am so glad that you have the opportunity to stay at home with your beautiful daughter and the other wondeful children that will come. Just don’t be a stranger!!! We want to see your radiant face as much as we can up there! I can’t wait for the day the I can sit down and write this same post, I just have to hold on to faith, that one day it will happen for me too. Love your guts Sadie, you are absolutely AMAZING!!!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ll admit you dont know me i am “blog stocking” I really LOVE your blog. This entry made me cry. I love the hymn you quoted. I am amazed at the choices you have made, it is special you get to stay at home with your gorgous daughter, i’d give anything to be able to stay home with my child. You will continue to give blessings as you go on with your life. Good luck. and thank you so much for sharing.

  • jamie @ kreyv

    That was great post. My husband has been in school his entire life (literally, he’s just now in his residency). There have been a lot of times that we’ve had to make decisions, and the advice that has always stuck with me is that there is a time and a season for everything.

    I don’t even know you, but I’m proud of you, proud of you for making the decision for you and your family…not for anyone else.

    Wish we lived closer, we could totally be playgroup besties. I know we’d get along!

  • Holly

    Oh Sadie…
    I am so going to miss working with you, but girl… Reagan and Jeff would love to have you more. I can’t blame them. There isn’t anything wrong with staying home with her. You are still the most important person in her life and you girl, are AMAZING!!

    Don’t ever feel like you’re sacrificing anything by staying home and being mom. Being a mom is not cliche, but the hardest job you will ever love. Way harder than being a nurse. Being a wife is so much fun, too. It’s even better when you get to spend time together and you’re not just kissing as you go out and he comes in or vice-versa. You girl, will always be a nurse, and an excellent one at that, but family should always come first. I love you, Sadie. You have made our nights better by being there with us. You know where we work when you need to come visit (with Reagan and Jeff of course)! I’m going to miss you like crazy, girl.

  • The Lurker Fam

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  • The Lurker Fam

    Sadie- I am blinking back tears. I just resigned yesterday, the same day you posted. Friday is my last day. Can I share something with you that made it a solid decision for me, for my family? In the introduction to the Book of Mormon refer to the TESTIMONY OF THE PROPHET JOSEPH SMITH. In the third section he writes, “I soon found out the reasons why I had received such strict charges to keep them safe. For no sooner was it known that I had them, than the most strenuous exertions were used to get them from me. Every stratagem that could be invented was resorted to for that purpose… But by the wisdom of God, they remained safe in my hands, until I had accomplished by them what was required at my hand. When, according to arrangements, the messenger called for them, I delivered them up to him…” The “them” in the scriptures refers to the Golden Plates but as I read, I knew that it was my children. Heavenly Father impressed upon me that I must stay home now. With Matt getting a new job that will be more pressing on our family than the military, it became clear after reading this that I need to be a full-time mom. I cannot dabble at work. The time is now.

    Until this time I have had to work. I have worked since my almost 16 year old was a little baby. That time has passed and it was a couple of weeks ago that I knew I would be “cutting back.” It wasn’t until Monday this week that I knew it would be a clean break. I feel at peace. I feel somewhat guilty for all those fabulous moms that work out of duty or desperation. I feel that pain. But, I am a mother who has NEVER desired work outside of the home… ever. I never suspected this was even possible.

    I KNOW I was supposed to be a nurse but I have always KNOWN AND DREAMED that I would be a wife and mother. I am so grateful to be blessed in the ways I have. I will be faithful and make it work. Somedays, I might just stay up all night just for fun. :0) I will miss you but let’s keep in touch. I am not a person who says that lightly. Like you, I do not mince words and do not say things if I don’t mean them. This I mean. You are a friend that I want to keep in my life. Love ya girl and maybe I can see you this Friday before I leave. Power to the Mommas!

  • Tyson and Emily

    We will miss ya!

  • Dana Marie

    Hi Sadie!
    Man I feel like a creeper! You don’t know me. We have only met once. I am Laura Johnson’s little sister. I sometimes read through her blog list ( haha, like a stalker) when I am bored. I have always heard such great stories from Laura about you and all of the great girls of LD/MBU. I feel kinda weird commenting, but I just wanted to tell you how amazing I think you are. Your little Reagan is such a doll. And you seem like such an incredible girl, and mother, wife, and nurse. It made me bawl tonight as I read your blog. I have been having trouble too, accepting the Lord’s plan for me and for my little family. And I just wanted to say thank you for your quiet example to me. I wish you the very best of times with your darling baby, and I hope you’ll have the strength to keep swimming! Trust in the Lord. Have faith in Him. You are now his daughter’s keeper. :)

  • Devry and Chelsey Hymas

    Oh Sadie, you are amazing! I know how much you love being a L&D nurse, and how it is such a sacrifice for you to give it up. I admire you so much for giving up your own will for what the Lord wants you to do. You are already such a great mom, and now you won’t have to have “zombie mom” days. I will miss working with you so much…but I guess that just means we will have to find other ways to hang out! Play dates maybe? Girls nights? definitely! Love you!

  • Berta Webb

    I love you Sadie Jane Candy Cane. You will be blessed for your courage and your sacrifice. God bless you.

  • Anonymous

    I have just stumbled upon your blog and now I know why… I am in a similar situation and I can COMPLETELY relate. Your words have touched my heart when I needed it most. Thank you for sharing. I truly believe that God has spoken through you. Thank you. Really.

  • Jen Nelson

    I will miss you tons at work Sadie but I know you’ve made the right decision for yourself. I am glad we can stay in touch with your blog. You were an amazing nurse and I would have been happy to have you take care of me (if I ever get pregnant).

  • Meg Conner

    I just started following your blog and I love it. I just balled when I read this post. I am a hairstylist/blogger and I LOVE to work but I also LOVE being a Mommy to my little girl, Malone. It is hard being pulled in different directions but I know we all do the best we can because I too am a Mommy who not only HAS to work but WANTS to work. Congrats on finding the peace to make such a hard decision!
    I like it, I love it!

  • Jess

    Thank you for sharing this! I also love working, but being a stay-at-home mom has been the most rewarding job I have ever had. I hope you are not missing being a L&D nurse too much and enjoying staying home with your adorable daughter!

  • lovejoy_31

    Following from Bloggy Moms. Follow me at:
    A Joyful Life

    I wish I could be a SAHM. I love being a Mommy more than I ever imagined. It just isn’t in the cards. You shouldn’t ever 2nd guess your decision. You can always go back later.

  • alicia king

    i loved your post! i’ve always wanted to be a nurse, and yet i never went to school, i still think about it everyday…you know the what.ifs…

    anyway, you look familiar, i wondered if you worked at MMH in Jan of 09? that’s when i had my 2nd there…barely made it from the movies :)

  • alicia king

    oh and i just found your blog…now i can’t remember how, it’s late! blog surfing i guess!

  • Kathryn

    Thank you so very much for this post. It brought tears to my eyes, as I have just begun my journey as a new L&D nurse. My husband and I moved to Mississippi in June of last year after graduating college together, so he could continue his education by going to law school. We struggled all summer, financially, by me not finding a job till August and then leaving five months in to follow my dream of becoming a Labor and Delivery nurse in December. There have been so many ups and downs and although I’m not a mom yet, you’ve inspired me to keep my faith with what God has planned for my life. Thank you, again!

  • Natalie

    Hi Sadie, I’m a new follower. It’s 3 am and I’m currently at the hospital fighting back tears as my sweet 4 month old baby girl is at home. I relate so much with everything you said in this post. Thank you. Husband and I are currently trying to find a way that I can cut back to PRN. I now feel even more motivated to fight harder to find a way to stay home.

  • Anna

    Like everyone else said, this is a great story :) I got teary eyed too…I used to work in the salon full time and when my husband’s job started getting busier and more hectic I made the decision to stay home which was one of the hardest decisions ever. One thing a client told me though is that she and her husband would have never been as successful as they are if she had worked while their kids were young, which made the decision a lot easier for me. My husband is in his last semester at school and it has made our lives so much easier with me home full time…and his job has been progressing and we’re doing better financially than ever! I think if you pray about it and follow your heart everything turns out for the best :)

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