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Valentines Day Canvas Decor!

Project #2 with my Redberry Blog/Canvas Corp giveaway…
I am loving loving LOVING this adorable little addition to my home decor!
Is it possible to keep it up all year?…I hope so!!:)

You will need
– 1 12×12 canvas frame (courtesy of Canvas Corp)
– 1/4 yard of red fabric
-1/4 yard of tulle fabric
-12 felt circles
– glue sticks and glue gun

First cut 12 (1 1/2) inch circles and place them where you want them on the canvas frame

Then take the felt circle and cut a BILLION red fabric circles the same size!!
You will need roughly 8-10 per flower.
Cut 4 tulle fabric circles per each flower as well!

Here comes the fun part…gather the fabric circle in your hand and put a little dot of glue on the tip of it!

Then start in the middle of the red felt circle and continue to gather each circle and glue on the felt circle!….you following?…lots of different circles I know!!

Remember the mesh fabric?…do the same -gather and glue- to those circles as well…I used 4 tulle circles per flower!

When your done with your flower start gluing them in the middle of your canvas to make sure that you are directly in the middle. Glue the flower and the frame to make sure it holds good enough! Put them in a heart shaped pattern.
I don’t have a picture of the next part but with the scrap fabric from cutting out the circles I placed it on the back of the canvas because the glue goes through the canvas.

That’s all you have to do! Just do it 12 times!
I added a little bit of decal to the top with the extra stickers that I bought from Walmart!
If I had a Silhouette machine I would have used that!…TEAR!!

After I was done I added a few more tulle fabric pieces randomly around the heart!

Do you love?…I know I do!! If you have any questions email me…and don’t forget to FOLLOW ME…on my blog that is!!

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  • marcalicious

    super c.u.t.e
    i can’t wait to get it in the mail for my v-day gift. hee hee. 😉

  • Jefferson and Karalee

    Heck ya you can keep that up year round!! That is so stinkin cute!! In fact it would match my house perfectly! haha I really might have to make one I love it.

  • Sara

    so darling sadie, i love how you added the tulle! by the way, i have a bag of fabric alllll ready for the taking!

  • Tyra

    so cute! I love that:)

  • Johnsons Part Deux

    Sooooo what can I pay you to just make that for me and mail it????????

  • Julia

    Hey Sadie, of COURSE I remember you! Thanks so much for finding my blog and leaving such a sweet comment….and of course leading me to yours. LOVE the Valentine. I am in dire need of a new centerpiece and this just may be it!

  • Jamie


    I LOVE this Valentine’s Day craft!! Thank you so much for sharing this. I hope you don’t mind I’ve added it to my Valentine’s Day craft hub here:

    Thanks again for sharing such cute craft project!

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