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TODAY…and a tutorial…

Oh what a day it has been…
I have cried.
I have laughed.
I have ran, jumped, lifted, wiped, squatted and kissed…
and it is only 3:35 FOR THE LOVE!
Let me just give you all a little play by play of my day today…so far…
just in case you wanted to know.
6:00 AM Reagan wakes up to eat. I feed her, change her diaper and put her back to bed
6:45 AM Reagan is talking in her bed so Jeff grabs her to come hang out mommy and daddy and play on the i-pad.
7:00 AM Jeff gives me a kiss, puts Reagan in bed and leaves for school and work.
7:30 AM After trying to fall back asleep for a quick nap {note: I couldn’t fall asleep till 2 AM last night} I gave up and grabbed the i-pad to see what the workout was suppose to be at cross-fit today. Simply because that was one of the main reasons why I couldn’t fall back asleep.
7:45 Made the bed, opened the blinds, checked on Reagan and got the sugar cookie dough out of the fridge to finish them before the gym…that is where it kinda all began!
I decided to make {these} sugar cookies last night for some amazing friends but then realized that I hadn’t done my visiting teaching yet this month! YIKES!

We moved into our new house in December and man was it a crazy month.
At the end of the month I got a call from a very very sweet older lady from my ward who had one question and one question only for me…
“Did you do your visiting teaching this month?!?”
OH dear I thought…enters the teeth clench, wide eyed, furrowed brow look
I began explaining why I hadn’t done it this month…
enters the long sigh from the other end of the phone…
she then simply said “OK” and hung up…
…let this be a public announcement to everyone out there!
I will NEVER EVER forget to do visiting teacher again!
Or at least I will try my best.
I don’t think I can handle hearing that wise, seasoned lady on the other line with sadness and disappointment in her voice again.
So since it is almost the end of the month and since I have YET to do my visiting teaching I decided to whip up some cookies for my wonderful ladies and write them a special note that has some of the message from this month on it.
9:00 AM I called them up, made sure they were home and got to work.
Meanwhile watching the clock like a hawk because I had to leave no later than 10:45 to drop Reagan off at Amanda’s so I could go to Cross-Fit.
Wanna know how I made a perfect little something for my wonderful ladies?

I went straight to my bottomless pit craft box.
OK to be honest I am a very organized person but let us remember that I just came from an apartment and I have yet to buy boxes and organizers separating my things. So thing works for now.

I found the supplies I would need and quickly went to work!
Reagan slept until 10! Waking up just in time to feed her and get on the road.

These little cookies are perfection. I made them just big enough so that if you had one you wouldn’t feel guilty about it.

I used my scrapbook paper that I got from my Canvas Corp lot and cut out 2 sizes of hearts.

Then using a stamp pad I ‘distress’ the edges! I love doing this to my cards, letters or craft projects in general. It gives the project a certain flair.

Now if I had enough ink in my printer than I would have printed my little sayings, cut them out in a heart shape and Mod Podged them to the pink card-stock.
But as you can see I ran out of ink!

…so I decided to write it which unfortunately made my little card go from chic to cheap
Thanks ghetto hand writing…thanks slanted lines!
I did intentionally tilt my writing more towards the right side of the heart so there would be room for the ribbon that I added later.

I also added my number so they knew they could call me anytime they needed or wanted to!
It’s obviously blurred out.

Gotta add some flair.
{the Mod Podge isn’t dry yet}

Make holes in the top notch of your heart about 1/2 inch apart for some ribbon.

Pick some ribbon that matches your theme.
The big black shiny thing under the ribbon is a big sheet of magnet paper I got from ArtCo. It was like a dollar a sheet! Thank you ArtCo.

Clip the bottom of your ribbon by folding the edges in and cutting at a slant to make the edges ‘pretty’.

Then thread the ribbon through the holes and tie in a bow.

Cut a piece of magnet and Mod Podge it to the back of the heart!
That way they have the option to put it on their fridge.
What more could they ask for?…A little uplifted quote and a caring girls number that they can call whenever they need to!
Enters the cheesy music…

10:15 Done with all my goodies.
Yeah this little heart shaped note turned out a little more cheesy than I had envisioned.
BUT the best thing about it…
made with crafts around the house and L.O.V.E.!

10:45 AM When I had finally finished making my special somethings for my special some one’s there was just enough time to feed and change Reagan, throw on my workout clothes, grab my pre-workout drink and head off to deliver the goodies before I hit the gym.

Showing off the spandex!
My first stop was the Houston’s: Brother Houston noticed Jeff shoveling the AVALANCHE from our drive way at 7 in the morning the other day and came right over with his four-wheeler and plow! I wanted to drop off some cookies to tell them how much we appreciated it.
Next was the Martin’s: One of the adorable ladies I visit teach! Her poor little boy has pneumonia right now.
Onto the Lane’s: The other sweet lady I visit teach: I ran in and out of her place…I was rushing at this point!
It’s 11:10 now and I am off to the Reynolds where my dear friend Amanda watches Reagan while I go to the gym.
I give her the last designated plate of cookies, tell her a 10 second version of Reagan’s morning, say a quick thank you, you’re amazing, you are a life-saver and rush out the door.
At this point I knew I was late! I am NEVER late! Those trainers mean business and for me to be late on my 2nd day going was not a good look!
What a HORRIBLE impression of me!
I was stressing the whole way there…driving Fast and the Furious style just to make it there 5 minutes late instead of 10!
As I drive in I almost slam into a Suburban because of the ice but thankfully my cat-like reflexes kicked in and I spun the car around the other direction.
11:36 Once I got inside I was completely EATEN ALIVE by the workout!
Back squats and Thrusters for time today.
I did my best.
It rocked my world.
I left the gym feeling defeated!
You have to start somewhere but man I felt ridiculous in there.
After the workout I didn’t know whether to cry or throw up.
I had pushed it to the limit and I was done…over cooked.
I held in my emotions while talking to my training who began to tell me that my form needed a lot of work and I had only done a few of the thrusters correctly.
I cried when I got to my car.
I am not sure why.
Probably because I feel like I am starting from square 1, which I am!
Then I wiped my tears and decided that from here on out it only gets better.
I have decided to start training again and I HAVE to start at square 1 to get anything done!
1:15 I got home with Reagan ready to eat and sleep.
I fed her and she fell asleep in my arms.
JUST what I needed.

{notice the milk drool and the perfect chubby cheekness}
After some much needed cuddle time with Reagan I laid her down in her crib and went to clean the kitchen.

I had a few sugar cookies left over that were to big so I iced and decorated them for Jeff to eat.
Notice the Valentine’s theme.
Yeah I got the memo. I know that holiday has come and past but I couldn’t resist.
{and I didn’t have any other color sprinkle in the house}

2:00 I finally made myself some much needed protein-riched food, sat down and watched the most recently recorded Ellen with a BIG exhale before I sit.
3:30 Reagan wakes up, time to start blogging about my day and, while waiting for my pictures to load, play with my little girl.
I still need to shower, change out of my work-out clothes and get ready to hang with the family tonight but man I love days like these.
There is only one word that describes how I feel about today…
I got to do some of my favorite things in the world…
service, exercise and being a mother…
and those things will last me a lifetime.
PS: if you made it to the end of this post I commend you! You just read the longest post in the history of blogging!
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  • sheena

    where do you go to crossfit at?

    super cute cookies! i LOVE sugar! and it’s all i can do to keep it out of my house. espeically while i’m trying to be good and go to the gym every morning.

    i’m THE worst at visiting teaching too. something i definitely need to be better at.

  • Sadie Jane

    Miss Sheena Sheena I go to Maltese CrossFit it is on the Yellowstone Highway right before the homeless shelter on the right side of the road in a grey strip mallish place…haha it is grey with four big garage doors! go to to learn more!

  • Tyra

    phew! I made it to the end of the post, WHAT A DAY! But I agree it feels so good to have busy days:) I’m glad you loved the cookies:) and holy crafty woman you are!

  • Nancy

    Made it to the end and LOVED it!! Seriously I wish I was half as amazin as you are.

  • Heidi

    I heart you.. my world will not be the same with out at work. WHO will entertain me? Shop online with me? Check out photo blogs?? Cart surfing??? Wheel chair races???? I mean seriously… what will I DO!? I will miss you.. make sure you don’t forget me šŸ™‚

  • Joel and Brittany

    You’re awesome Sadie! I admire your hardwork & dedication! I need some of that to rub off on me!

  • Jenn

    I wish you were my visiting teacher! šŸ™‚
    I will feature your darling creation on the Canvas Corp Blog & facebook page tomorrow!

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