This last week has been a blur of goodness and insanity!
My dad, Richard, and Kim got us this beautiful rocking chair for our little Reagan and for the rest of our family! We will use this chair for the rest of our lives! It is a perfect addition to our home…Thanks again Dad and Kim for such a wonderful gift!

Jeff is the 2nd counselor in a bishopric up at BYUI so we get to host FHE for a group of single adults twice a semester and last night was the first adventure with all of them!
I had just finished working three in a row and woke up early from sleeping after work to go shopping for the party! 5 pounds of meat and 4 bags of chips later I was ready to cook for the masses!

Here we all are crammed into our apt! We had a great spiritual thought and had so much fun with each other! It was weird that they are all the same age as us but they were calling us Brother and Sister Sabin! Jeff is such a good counselor and such a good example to them and they are such a good example to Jeff and I as well!

Here I am at 32 wks! I am 33 wks on friday but I had to put these pictures up because I thought it they were hilarious! I still go workout and walk when I don’t work but I have to transition to my BIG workout shirts! But don’t worry because they aren’t even big enough anymore! If you look close enough you can see my belly poking out under my shirt! It was annoying trying to walk and push my shirt down the whole time!

I think it might be time to wear some of Jeff’s small workout shirts! Hopefully they will cover my big belly!

It’s my wonderful, fantastic and handsome husbands birthday on Thursday but of course I have to work so I will be trying to pamper him before and after work! I will post about that soon!

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  • Cassie

    Ummm…. hi?!?! You are bishoprick wife in a singles ward and you haven’t hooked up your hot single sister yet?! What’s the dealeo chicka?!


    So, I know it probably feels ginormic to you, but your 32/33 week belly is so teeeeeny and cute! I just remember people thinking I was full-term at 32 weeks, hmmm, maybe I should work out when I’m prego and I wouldn’t have that problema!
    p.s. If you don’t lock your apt. door, I just might steal that fabulous chair and ottoman when we get back in Sept! YOU.WILL.LOVE.IT.

  • Jessica and Branden

    I love love love your belly!! and why don’t we go walk together?? hello?? I hate being the only prego person in the gym-I feel like all the single skinny girls are looking at me wondering if they’ll be as big as I am when they get pregnant (I did this frequently to prego women I saw at the gym) and all the males are just plain grossed out by the site of this whale of a woman trying to still lunges and small weights!! at least if there are two of us we can support each other 🙂 love you! see you Saturday!!

  • Heidi

    Yum! I want some tacos! 🙂 Jeff looks so cute in that picture. I like his hair.

    Good job on working out still. I gave that up a while ago. I did better with my other 2 pregnancies, but it’s harder now that I’m working. OH well.

  • Dad

    You are so welcome- you both made a beautiful choice, as you said to be enjoyed hopefully for years to come. Congrats to Jeff on his new leadership position- he will be great! And you, the counselors wife already cooking great meals for the college kids. So proud of your accomplishments! Love you!

  • Amber

    Man, you cook dinner for them?? I guess I’m not as cool…but I figure having FHE here (and trying to keep the house clean with Logan running around all day), doing the lesson, activity, AND treats…that’s enough for me.

    I was just up trying to take some pictures of the temple yesterday, and a guy & girl drive by on a scooter and yell, “Hey, that was Sister Redd!” Yeah…still weird to have college kids call me that…

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