Jeff and I really tried to decorate her room on a budget!
We looked long and hard for our furniture and remodeled a dresser that we already had.
The table and chair are from an awesome website called ‘Vintage Farm Furniture’! I got the chair for free from winning a drawing! It really does complete the room!

I made the pillows and the curtains and the bedding on her crib was a gift from my sister in laws! I got these perfectly matching baskets at TJMAXX!

This fabulous bird is from Rod Works.

I already had the canopy, lamp, coat rack, bulletin board and picture frame that still needs a picture in it!

My mother in law has a ‘Cricut’ so we used it to make the vinyl letters on the plate and the R on her door!

There is still a couple things I would like to do…a few final touches but for now the room is perfect!

Including all the furniture we roughly spent 350 dollars on the entire room! I think we did pretty good!
We are so excited for her to come and really happy about how the room turned out!
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  • Eliza

    This is a perfect room! It’s very inviting. Can I come and take a nap? Oh I can’t even wait for her to be here… it’s time. Good job Sad, this is just darling!

  • Reply

    So cute! You did such a great job on everything. I’m so impressed!

  • Mr. and Mrs. Briggs

    SO ADORABLE! I love the colors! You are so creative and I am SO excited for you to have a baby. Oh my goodness….Get ready girl! You’re life is going to change so drastically! I know you and Jeff are going to be excellent parents because of when I saw you holding Brinley for the first time. Crazy that after Brinley came, there were like 4 new preggo couples!!! Babies are amazing!! I miss you Sadie… :-( Come vaycay to Florida sometime in the next 3 years!

  • Kevin and Paige

    This is so sweet! I love it Sadie!! You are so creative and adorable. Reagan is one lucky little girl to have such a sweet mama! I can’t wait to see her!!! xoxo
    p.s. miss you so bunches!!

  • Joel and Brittany

    Yay! I love it even more after seeing these pictures again. I felt so privileged to be one of the firsts to see Reagan’s room. Now all we need is a baby in that crib to complete it! haha!

  • Rachel

    She’s going to love it. It’s perfect.

  • Dane & McCall

    Hey Sadie! Hope you don’t mind I’m adding you to my blogging list! Reagan’s room is darling! Love the dresser. Mine is:

  • Dad

    That is the most amazing nursery I have ever laid eyes on! It just needs a rocker (wink wink) Love you!

  • Heidi

    The room turned out really cute!!! Good job! You are far ahead of me…I haven’t even pulled down the clothes yet and the crib isn’t even up. We better get busy. :)

  • marcalicious

    what a {cute} lil’ room! I want that room. :) And how funny when you explained all the items that I was part of lots of them (dresser was mine when a babe, i was @ rod works w/ you for the bird, the vinyl cutting “class” we attending @ Boulder Resort, the gift of the bedding, seeing the chair in the back of your car that you picked up on the way to utahland,…) Yep, you rocked on the room.

  • Melissa Durtschi

    A.MAZE.ING. I so love it, it is perfect. I can’t wait for you and Jeff….SO EXCITED FOR YOU – YAAAAYYYYY!!!!

  • Vicki Sabin

    The room is beautiful and darling and inviting and creative and… Now I can’t wait to see her in it!
    Good job!

  • Dallin and Ashley

    That is just about the cutest room I have ever seen in my life! I love it Sadie! How are you feeling? And how much farther do you have to go? I am so excited for you guys!

  • Courtney and Brenden

    Sadie! Her room is so cute!! :) When it comes time for me to decorate a room… I know exactly who i will be calling.. :)

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