In VEGAS! I blew everyone out of the water with my BIG BELLY! My sister had to take pictures right away! I am 16 wks and 4 days!
The grapefruit and I already miss daddy Jeff but we can’t wait to see what this week has in store for us!

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  • Amber and Che

    Ahhh so cute! I love your little belly! Hooray!

  • Heidi

    If you think that’s a big belly then just wait a couple of months… ha ha. That is a small cute belly. Have fun in Vegas.

  • Clark and Kelsie

    Have fun girl! And your belly is so cute!


    soooooooooooo so cute! so…16 weeks, that means you may know the gender already sneaky nurse? or no? I CANT WAIT TO HEAR!!!

  • Steph and Ty

    You are so cute. and I love the little belly. It’s amazing how big bellies can get. Can you feel the baby move yet? That day should be coming soon.

  • Melissa Durtschi

    In my ‘professional’ opinion, you have a very small belly for 16 wks. I must have been all of that kick-butt workout last summer huh?

    Love your guts!!!

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