I had the fun opportunity to go to Mud Lake and make fabric headbands with the young women and their leaders.
They all turned out so cute and they were all so different.

They all seemed to really enjoy the activity and after some teaching they were all able to create there own personalized headband!
If anyone would like me to come for their Young Women’s Activity or for an Enrichment Activity I would love to come and teach everyone.
It is really fun, easy and very cheap.

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  • Mr. and Mrs. Briggs

    You need to teach your bff!

  • Rozalynn and Mitch

    I want to learn how to make those! How cute!

  • Reply

    I LOVE these headbands and I want to make them SO bad! I’m not a stalker but I found you from our ward and I’m so jealous that you know how to make these! You should totally do it for an enrichment or something! Love your blog too, you are super cute! I can totally relate to a lot of your experiences! Plus….I think I might now your family and stuff and met you a couple summer’s ago, if you are the sadie who worked up at Eagle Ridge Ranch? If not i’m totally embarrased! lol

  • Annie & JT

    I would love directions on how to make these! They would be perfect to make for my nieces.

  • Lindsay and Ron

    Love…Love! So cute! I think you need to post directions on your blog…I would love to learn!

  • Josh & Kiri

    ummm I want to learn… BAD!

  • Sara

    so funny, i just posted a picture of me in my headband too… we must have headbands on the brain:) those turned out so cute!! and your food looks yummy… look at you little suzy homemaker conquering the world!
    thanks again for coming yesterday, sorry it was a little crazy, you are my sunshine sadie jane candy cane:)

  • Amber

    Ok, I may have to talk to the other chicks in the Presidency with me, but our YW love to do crafts.

    No seriously, I’ll talk to them and get back with you….

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