I had the absolute joy of staying with Liza, Jason and Hazelnut this week! I came to get away from the cold, hang out and veg with my sister.
It was really neat for me to see my sister as a mother! I learned so much from her over the week! It really did get me ready for motherhood. I am so excited to become a mother!
From the second I got there I noticed that Hazel would not take her eyes off me! I would smile and talk to her and she would start laughing and smiling! It was so adorable!
I tried to get it out of her many times about what I was having! I would ask her…is it a boy?…is it a girl?…but every time I asked her she would just laugh!…
I still have no idea!:)
I think she thinks I have bad breath!

Since I am starting to show I had to take some belly shots!

There are no words to express this picture!
Please don’t judge!:)

Liza made sugar cookies while I was there…I told her to make the frosting color either boy or girl…depending on what she thought I was having…
She thinks I am having a BOY!
It is mandatory for us to have a dance party every time we’re together. I jumped on their ‘time out’ spot and did my prego belly dance!
Please don’t mind my double chin!…I had to get a picture showing how obsessed Hazel is with the TV! She loves the Olympics!
What’s for breakfast?…Waffles with a side of HAZELNUT!

It was so much fun having bonding time with Liza and Hazel! I don’t know if I will ever be able to do this again before I have the baby so I am so glad I had the opportunity to spend some time with them! Thanks Jeff for letting me go and Jason for putting up with me!:)

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    sadie, you are so darling…nuff said.

  • Amber and Che

    Sadie you make me laugh. Just seeing your pics of you make me want to be there with you hangin’ out ha ha. I love your hair that color by the way it’s so darling! And holy crap is that baby cute. Especially the one with her big red bow! Love your belly!

  • amanda

    how exciting 4 u. u look cute.

  • Charisa and Trent

    what a blast!! i’m so glad you were able to have that time together!! Love your guts!!

  • Jennifer

    Sandie, i am so jealous you look great!!! I am about 3 weeks behind you and about twice your size! I am excited you are having a girl. They are so much fun. I hope to see you soon.

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